2:2 Studying for finals, 6 days left

How be enough I feel right now?

Absolutely bored and directionless.

It’s not in such a manner much about the content; cell biology is moderately beautiful interesting and I don’t reflect I can get bored of it. There is every insurmountable amount to remember but I’m even now used to it. I’m contemptuously worried by the speed that I’m going at, and I fancy that I’m not too facile for stats….

I need to perform cell bio by today, but I’m left with four more lectures and a piece of land of tutorials. After this, I bequeath spend two days on pharmacology conducive to my first round of studying, followed ~ means of two days on stats, with regular revision everyday for cell bio. Microbio force of ~ be left at the last lap…

I’m not also sure about how I would prepare this semester, and this is a logical concern given that I’d skipped nearly all my lectures for all my modules from that time week 3, barely scrapping by midterms through less than stellar marks. I too missed two deadlines and incurred penal retribution for my cell bio assignments (what one. is why cell bio is my main worry; I have to do extremely excellently in fit condition to get an A, I distrust..). I do still feel horrible reflection back, wondering if all that time worn out on UROPS was worth it..? Nonetheless, what’s done’s been granted. After all, I started my project 5 months late as compared to others at the same time that my antibodies arrived late. Excuses, howsoever, shouldn’t stop me from realising that I stand in want of to balance out my emphasis further.

Other things that bother me hold my decision to do a DDP, whether I be disposed excel in my internship, etc.

Currently I’m vigilance this for cell bio:


This 3D Live Wallpaper uses accelerometer to determine the bird from between the clouds and gives a beauteous 3D effect.

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