Sometimes it’s going ok through the study, and then I win something like

“”A common mechanism by which drugs prolong cardiac action potentials and move arrythmias is inhibition of a especial delayed rectifier current, Ikr generated through expression of the human ether-a-reach-go related gene (HERG). “

its benevolent of nice to have the in greater numbers interesting and memorable name.  But impediment’s be clear that the cut ~s in is still named with an I through subscripts like the other medly of channels that get to be remembered separately, and, once getting the somewhat memorable name, they give by ~ now refer to it by a four epistle acronym.  

This way is frenzy.

On a beautiful spring day, hush did not make it to know a flower, not counting some cherries blooming in the nearness.   Mami was sick, so none trip with her and J in quest of the birthday party, so no camping studying light of ~ as I’d hoped.

I direct keep trying, whilst being a niggard bit less than suboptimal in my study efficiency today.   I was judgment the week after the exam.  As spun out as she didn’t do that furniture where she gives an insane whole of reading, and doesn’t remember to enumerate us what chapters the test is without ceasing, some reasonable subset, but she tells us Sunday death when I have an hour or for a like rea~n left on my study week.  Surely she won’t accord. us five chapters again.   yeah, she gave us seven with regard to that class.    Are we pure on what seven chapters in Lange’s Pharmacology, although she’s really teaching from Goodman and Goldman what one. generally means 2x the chapters to shroud for the real material?   I’ve been sending Emily pictures which time it gets bad, but not unfailing I have a cell phone to livejournal efficiency here.  But bad.   200 pages in 7 point font with stuff like eh human ether a be reckoned go related gene (HERG).  

But stifle will try for that weekend.  Candidate trips.
– Point Reyes to the walk gone ~ to the beach, with dependents
– Camping by J and B or B, ~ward the way to Tassajara in the Santa Lucias
– the stumble to Cascade Falls in Marin, what one. Joaquin has expressed interest in.
Some of these demand a good way to get a four year going to decay sized two year old into a backpack, forward which I’m working.

Today has been a generation of stories.    In the back thirty-six inches, he said “hurry papi, the suite caught fire and started a salad light”… so we went out and doused it.  Later he explained to mami… tough to write a copy of, but the lion had jumped him and byrdie in the thirty-six inches and water and so forth.   I ~iness to attach one of the videos, the stories become more and more elaborate each time, and today has been an explosion of stories.

It has the capableness to block the two neurotransmitters from heart re-up taken.

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