UCL Summer Challenge 2015 – Neuroscience: Dissecting The Brain

UCL Summer Challenge is a plan of subject specific courses for Year 12 learner attending state schools in or approach London, whose parents have not been to literary institution, and who are academically high achieving.

Neuroscience is the scientific field that aims to understand the greatest part complex object we know: the brain. How we behave, ponder and feel depends on the composition and chemistry of our brains ~-end it is also the root of crippling disorders in the same state as Parkinson’s, depression and schizophrenia.

This run covers a variety of topics in Neuroscience and aims to synthesise the principally up-to-date research from Anatomy, Pharmacology, Cell Biology, and Brain Imaging to bear a rounded overview of our current mind of the brain and its disorders. Each week you be disposed focus on different areas of the brain, and a practical session will allow you to ~ by heart up close and personal with positive human brains.

What are the benefits of seizing part in Summer Challenge?
Summer Challenge is ~y impressive achievement to include on your UCAS exterior statement. As a Summer Challenge participator, you will develop your independent careful search, critical thinking, public speaking and of plato writing skills – all essential for universal school. You will also gain a detailed thorough knowledge into the UCL student experience and the ramble of degree programmes on offer, and consider reading access to the UCL libraries till mid September 2015.

Furthermore, Summer Challenge participants who consummate the programme will have the opening to apply for a space on our personal statements clinic in Autumn of Year 13 and the opportunity to apply for the UCL London Opportunities Scholarship, desert £4,000 per year of undergraduate study.

When and where?
Summer Challenge runs for six weeks at UCL’s campus in Bloomsbury for the period of June and July, on either Tuesday or Wednesday evenings, from 4.30pm – 6.30pm.

How practise I apply?
To find out more about the Summer Challenge and to put, please visit www.ucl.ac.uk/summerchallenge The deadline in quest of complete applications is 24 April 2015.

Before fabrication your application, please take into report the entry requirements and eligibility criteria in opposition to the Summer Challenge programme.

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