TRC Pharmacology

The Teaching Resource Centre (TRC) Pharmacology is meant during the term of medical students, but also very valuable for any health care professional.The TRC provides basic pharmacological information: pharmacodynamics, pharmacokinetics, and drug mechanisms in context of (patho)physiology.Each topic includes picturesque(s) in the TRC icon language, explanatory texts and questions with feedback. The TRC covers ~ numerous relevant drugs prescribed in Europe. Each deaden with narcotics topic has references to the Dutch general formulary (Farmacotherapeutisch Kompas) or the British National Formulary.The TRC be able to be used as a reference or for the re~on that self-study tool during courses throughout the medical curriculum. The TRC helps students to achieve pharmacological knowledge providing a consistent, user kindly disposed, recognizable, and structured presentation in mandate to optimize learning efficiency.We strive to require this application the best resource as antidote to mechanisms of drug action in the words immediately preceding of physiology and pathophysiology by creating every one topic in cooperation with an prompt from the field. Graphics, texts, questions, and other intimation data are provided to enhance the judgment of the user.The App is kept up to epoch with the newest drugs and in this manner updated regularly.





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