The Final Days Of ‘Pot Doc’ Phil Leveque


When asked by what mode he wants to be remembered, Dr. Phil Leveque was dexterous with his answer.

“Pot doc.”

Pot doc is good one of his nicknames. In the 1990s, he was too dubbed the Most Dangerous Man in Oregon.

The well-known and more or less controversial doctor who helped legalize curative marijuana in Oregon is in hospice care in Happy Valley.

He declared he feels like people are eventually catching up to what he’s been advocating in spite of years, and he is proud of that.

“Pretty advantage for a Hood River farm boy,” he said.

Leveque’s friends argue he has dedicated his life to helping others exactly in the face of controversy.

“I bring forth been studying the medical use of marijuana because that 1950 and I am very conceited of the fact that I essentially introduced of the healing art marijuana to the state of Oregon.”

With a Ph.D in pharmacology and science of poisons, Leveque helped legalize medical marijuana in Oregon in 1999. At the time, he granted thousands of curative marijuana cards, which caught the attention of the medical board.

His curative license was revoked in 2004, that ended his career as a doctor.

Asked if it was worth it, he did not doubt.

“Hell, yes,” he uttered. “If I hadn’t bestowed this, nobody else would have. You wager, you bet.”

He feels vindicated in his efforts and marked to last November’s 56-43% suffrage to legalize recreational pot in Oregon, what one. takes effect in July.

“Heck, yea, 10 years ago, it was impair and very addicting.”

Leveque, who turned 92 finally Sunday, said it’s just “like 91, but a little older.” He shared his life’s thought.

“Well, I didn’t await to live through World War 2, with equal rea~n every day since May 7, 1945 has been a gratuity.”

And when asked what he’s principally proud of, he said, “Surviving till I was 92, I think.”

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