Terpenes and Cannabis: How they affect the medical marijuana industry


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When looking at cannabis at a molecular level, scientists have recently been researching every one of parts of the plant and verdict out how different properties of the cannabis found, specifically terpenes, affects different strains.

Researchers say this is extremely important when you are looking at the healing marijuana industry. As of now, therapeutical marijuana dispensaries in Washington have no true scientific way of getting patients the make right medicine to treat their ailment.

According to The Werc Shop, a glory certified i-502 testing lab, while looking at medicinal values of cannabinoids researchers bring forth recently seen that terpenes display sole therapeutic effects that may contribute to the overall effects of medicinal cannabis.

Jefferey C. Raber, Ph.D. and lab technician at The Werc Shop held a seminar at Cannacon in Seattle titled, Cannabis and Terpenes, Moving Sustainable Medicines Forward. Raber discussed the magical properties of terpenes, the kind of they are, and some of the stale misconceptions of the cannabis plant,

“Terpenes are the fickle (easily evaporated) compounds that you perfume and taste that give you the flavor and also produce very predominate effects,” Raber said

Thewercshop.com states that the synergy of terpenes and cannabinoids are principally likely responsible for providing the potent treatment of pain, anxiety, epilepsy, heat, depression, cancer, and fungal and bacterial infections.

“I conceive all these people saying this sprain is good for that effect is anecdotal at most profitably evidence,” Raber said.

Raber says that everything comes into trifle when determining the effects from the vegetable. The best way to test a affix a ~ to of different strains medical effects is to standardize the street you consume the plant, and memorandum the effects.

“It really depends up~ the individual and the ailment scenario, and in fact were just not at the rank today where we can say hey newly come patient that’s the right furniture for you, were a number of years not on unfortunately, but that’s where we’ll spree and where we can only secure to if we all work cheek by jowl to really see that happen,” Raber related.

Dr. Ethan Russo, who, in 2011, published a article in the British Journal of Pharmacology, coined a name called ‘the entourage effect.’ The entourage general has to do with the firm cannabis plant and how the manifold compounds of cannabis all play a role in the route your body feels the effect of the fix.

In laymen’s terms, the terpenes cast in marijuana (properties of the furnish with ~s that make the strong fragrances/tastes) and numerous other compounds of the whole set in the ground , all working together, have a division more to do with the effects of each strain than the THC percentages themselves. Many of the sort terpenes found in marijuana are place in other plants, fruits, and flowers that take similar smells.

Cameron Miller, Laboratory Manager at the Werc Shop related that the effects people are claiming that communicate with indica’s vs. sativa’s centre of life uplifting vs sedative are total marketing BS.

“You cannot declare that an indica or a sativa is going to bring forth a certain effect, I think the vast difference is in the terpene profile,” Miller said.

Right now the healing marijuana industry is extremely unregulated, in thing done it is less regulated than the state’s i-502 recreational marijuana efforts.

State senators have proposed bills and are popularly in the works of changing laws coinciding by medical marijuana, the bill traveling through legislation is SB 5052 titled: Establishing the cannabis passive protection act.

Medical marijuana advocates in the same state as Jedidiah Haney, of Cause M, a association based cannabis trade association, are closely following the poster and informing the marijuana community of changes in the manner that they see.


Mikhail Carpenter, Spokesman with respect to the WSLCB (Washington State Liquor Control Board) says that WSLCB isn’t in fact looking to understand the different types of highs and goods you get from the plant.

“If your talking through medical marijuana it probably plays a bigger role, on the side of our purposes of the recreational side its not as important,” Carpenter uttered.

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