Summer Withdrawal

The textile fabric my daydreams are made of these days (circa 2012)

Hello world!!!

No, I haven’t dropped dead in addition nor have I packed my bags and moved to a different country although I wholeheartedly wish I were untruthful on the beach somewhere, sipping an ice-cold margarita. I miss blogging, I indeed do. Not long after my be unexhausted blog post, I was certain that it would have ~ing a long time before I could frame another one. Blogging simply wasn’t a precedence anymore or, rather, I have pushed it towards the back of my courage even during weekends. But there power of determination always come a time, much like today, while I would feel the urge to set down in black and white something down just to unload it against my mind.

We have exactly 40 days until senior internship ends! Boy, the year went by fast. In the hospital, our junior interns are already counting down the days until they graduate next month (they close JIship in 9 days!) while we elder interns still have more than a month left to fire. I feel like pushing a interruption button and go, “WAIT! It feels like we correct started internship. We’re not convenient to take the board exam at the same time!” Yep, we have 5 months to avail before the Physician Licensure Exam and I am. after this. freaking. out. like. hell. I am abashed to admit that I haven’t translated any serious studying for the beyond 10 months of internship but I’m calamitous to catch up now. Reality is sinking in. (Finally.) 

I’ll have ~ing moving to Manila by May to initiate reviewing for the board exam and I’ll exist staying in a condo for 3 months. That would exist a first for me. (I power of determination also disappear from the world vast web during the review) But as much as I don’t desire internship to end yet, a character of me is looking forward to the nearest big adventure in my life.  Board exam notice critically and the board exam itself? Hell yeah, BRING IT ON! 

So anyway, it has dawned forward me only recently that it is already actually SUMMER (disoriented, I know). Can I right say how envious I am of mob who are at the beach up~ now? Your pictures in Facebook and Instagram uncorrupt fuel my desires to travel seemly at this very second! 🙁 I faculty of volition just have to live vicariously from one side your blogs and social media feeds in which case I’m stuck in the hospital.

“Not entirely who wander are lost” -JRR Tolkien

Speaking of hospital, I’m even now in my Pediatrics rotation. It’s interesting with a bit of patient spectacle on the side (more on that in one more post). It’s hard toil (x10) but that’s okay. It power of choosing soon be over. I still defectiveness to be a pediatrician. 🙂

Alright, that’s it. I’ll action do something productive now. Maybe study Microbiology or Pharmacology…or update my go on foot bucket list.

Ciao! 🙂

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