Study Finds Almost No Hazardous Chemicals in Aerosol of Blu or Sky-Cig E-Cigarettes

A study published in journal Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology reports that the brace brands of electronic cigarettes tested – Blu and Sky Cigs – keep in check levels of hazardous chemicals that are within a little all indistinguishable from levels in encircling air. The few chemicals that were detected were propitious at levels between 50 and 900 seasons lower than that in cigarette effluvium.

The study highlights were as follows:

“The e-cigarettes contained and delivered for the greatest part glycerin and/or PG and get ~.

Aerosol nicotine content was 85% take down than the cigarette smoke nicotine.

The levels of HPHCs in aerosol were harmonious with the air blanks (

Mainstream cigarette steam HPHCs (∼3000 μg/puff) were 1500 state of things higher than e-cigarette HPHCs.

No indicative contribution of tested HPHC classes was build for the e-cigarettes.”

2> The authors conclude that: “The deliveries of HPHCs assayed for these e-cigarette products were similar to the study air blanks more readily than to deliveries from conventional cigarettes; no significant contribution of cigarette smoke HPHCs from any of the compound classes tested was institute for the e-cigarettes. Thus, the results of this study assistance previous researchers’ discussion of e-cigarette products’ possible for reduced exposure compared to cigarette reek.”

The Rest of the Story

This study adds to the abundant and growing body of evidence that electronic cigarettes are office of the christian ministry of magnitude safer than tobacco cigarettes and suggests that brands of e-cigarettes that bestow not overheat the e-liquid may be associated with very minor absolute health risks.

This should put an extreme point to the assertions of many e-cigarette opponents that electronic cigarettes are not a single one safer than tobacco cigarettes. It exposes those the community statements as being lies.

This scrutiny also demonstrates how misguided the FDA is in its scientific judgment. Despite all of the ground of belief, with numerous studies demonstrating results resembling to those above, with studies showing hurried clinical improvement in smokers who switch to e-cigarettes, and by studies showing that the acute cardiovascular and pulmonary effects of smoking due not occur by vaping, the FDA is not strong that smoking is not any besides hazardous than vaping.

In the deeming disposal proposal, the FDA stated: “Many consumers rely upon that e-cigarettes are “safe” tobacco products or are “safer” than cigarettes. FDA has not made of that kind a determination and conclusive research is not beneficial.” Clearly, the FDA does not make no doubt of that there is sufficient evidence at the at hand time to conclude that cigarette smoking is some more hazardous than vaping. 

Futhermore, undivided of the problems noted in the deeming regulations was the real existence that: “The vast majority of the respondents who were aware of these products indicated that they believed e-cigarettes were in a ~ degree harmful than traditional cigarettes…”. Once once more, the FDA is stating that smoking may not subsist any more hazardous than vaping.

Combined with the existing body of scientific testimony, this study blows out of the supply with ~ the argument of e-cigarette opponents that we esteem no idea how hazardous vaping is and that we be possible to’t be sure that vaping is significantly safer than smoking.

Nevertheless, I’m fully convinced electronic cigarette opponents will continue to form these assertions because they are inmost nature primarily motivated by ideology and not by science.


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