Studies Find “Significant” Amount of Zofran Passes to Fetus

March 12, 2015 — Several fresh studies have concluded that Zofran crosses the placenta in “significant amounts” and literary works active in the fetus longer that it does in the spring, which raises concern about possible line defect risks.

The first studies indicating that Zofran could peevish the placenta were conducted in gravid animals in the 1980s. Pregnancy outcomes included fetal deaths and creature defects.

Later studies confirmed that Zofran troubles the placenta in humans. According to single of most recent studies, published in Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics in December 2014:

“[Zofran] is characterized ~ means of rapid transplacental transfer and longer erasure half-life in neonates compared to their head.”

Essentially, the researchers found that it passes remarkably quickly from mother to fetus and scraps active in the fetus much longer than it does in the source.

In 2006, Clinical Pharmacokinetics published a study from Hong Kong that furthermore found Zofran could rapidly pass to a fetus. Researchers institute a “significant amount” of Zofran in accumulation samples that were taken from 41 fetuses that were aborted surgically during the first trimester. All of the great with child women were given three 8-mg doses of Zofran suitable before the surgery.

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