Side effects, adverse reaction and adverse effects.


What is espouse a cause effect, adverse reaction and adverse personal estate?

Yesterday I was so happy at the time that my sister asked me to debate any topic with her from her Pharmacology part.

I like to read previous books, gives me one quick overview and makes me experience nostalgic about my college day.

Anyway I was in very a surprise when I saw a chapter dedicated to pharmacovigilance(PV) in her volume, it was not there in my 2nd year (2005).

Being my beloved topic we started reading it, and she had assign of questions and then I explained her every bit of what I know not far from topic, and my job.

She was so amused “Oh man, your job is tough”, well ruin is ok, there are many experts and clan at much  higher level than me working for it, I explained her.

At the expiration of discussion her question was “for what cause did I not see any opposing event reporting form till now in India?

I was dumb, well the gutso I had with inclusion of PV in her textbook was gone, now all I wanted to know is which should be our next step? Well, I confidence soon I see adverse drug reporting forms and re~ed reporting implemented in India as well.

Another interesting collaboration in her textbook chapter was types of reactions of drugs- Side movables, adverse effects, adverse drug reactions, unlucky events.

1) Side Effect: Unintended result occurring at normal dose related to the pharmacological properties.

Side tenor is basically occurring when you take a put ~s into as it was prescribed and your savant or HCP(Healthcare professional) would state you, this is what your unsalable article can cause. So side effects are basically predicted from pharmacological properties of drugs.

For e.g diuretics, which are basically doing job of flushing additional water and salt from your carcass, so the side effect of this property devise be extra urination.

2) Adverse Event: Medical accident temporally associated with the use of a sanatory
product, but not necessarily causally allied.

While taking some drug a certain unintended general can occur which might be in that place due to temporal association but is not because of solely the medicine.

For e.g a patient having xyz remedy has headache, and he/she  has underlying respiratory treatise infection and fever, so the headache cannot exist solely contributed to drug XYZ, it efficacy be due to fever or bane.

3) Adverse Reaction: A rejoinder to a drug which is mischievous and unintended, and which occurs at doses normally used in supply with hands for the prophylaxis, diagnosis, or therapy of disease, or for the modifications of physiological employment.

For E.G.  stomach stimulation and bleeding caused by aspirin. The judgment is that these drugs reduce the product of prostaglandins, which help protect the digestive parcel from stomach acid. SO if a venesection occurs in a patient taking aspirin, vexation aspirin role of aspirin is evermore challenged and discussed in depth.

Adverse events be possible to be serious or severe and the kind of is difference between serious and bitter?
Maybe in next blog.

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