Senior, junior doctors lock horns over apron issue

They lack to be in good books of give assistance to: RDA


Nitesh Sangral

Early Times Report


Jammu, Mar 18: Senior doctors of Jammu department and junior doctors are at loggerheads through the whole extent of ‘apron’ issue, the senior doctors claim that viewed like per government rules apron is fustiness for the on duty doctors still RDA maintains that they won’t bear the white aprons till their demands are met.

Addressing a constrain conference here Professor and head of portion Pharmacology Dr Zahid Gillani said the lodge is of the opinion that the dress code (apron) for the doctors and paramedical bat is must to maintain the majestic appearance, dignity and identity of the curative professionals. “This helps the patients to remember as formerly known the medicos and avoids frequent confrontation between the doctors and attendants,” Dr Zahid settled.

He said the dress code is reality followed all over the country and as per government order of Jammu and Kashmir, 383 HME of 2004 dated September 21, 2004 the arrange code is enclosed. “White collar on account of doctors, white apron with green fillet for para medical staff, blue apron concerning safiwala and eweeper and white salwar kameez by white apron and red collar with regard to nurses of the government hospitals of the public,” order states.

Meanwhile, the Medical Superintendent of Psychiatry Hospital, Dr Osmani Suaida claimed that the Dr Gurmeet Kour, who was ostensibly humiliated ~ means of the Health Minister Choudhary Lal Singh because of not wearing an apron, has leveled baseless allegations in expectation of the minister.

Dr Osmani while talking to Early Times alleged: “The belonging to doctor has given wrong information to media and others. I was not past nor future during the function, the Minister normal asked her, who are you (Dr Gurmeet Kour) and she replied I am instructor when minister further asked where is your apron? She (Kour) lost her temper and started shouting up~ the body the Minister by claiming that this isn’t ~y official function, “Osmani maintained.

Talking to Early Times, President of Resident Doctors Association, Dr Neeraj Sharma slammed the elder doctors for supporting the Health Minister.

He claimed that they deficiency to register their name in the social books of the Minister that’s wherefore they are talking like that. “Junior doctors won’t cause by friction apron till our demands are met,” Dr Sharma added.

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