Seminar on Michigan Drugged Driving Involving Marijuana and Prescription Medications

The fastest augmenting area of Michigan DUI defense in opposition to both law enforcement and lawyers is drugged driving involving marijuana and other prescription and non-prescription drugs.  Consequently, in direct to be proficient in defending these cases it is prominent to understand the law and the system of knowledge that is specific to them.

The ordinance of OWI drugs and alcohol is one and the same other than as it pertains to that which causes the intoxication.  If you’re trade with a drugged driving case, of that kind as DUI marijuana, then the convicted driver is facing exactly the similar punishment as would apply to infatuation by alcohol.  In some cases this be able to be true even if the driver is a Michigan Medical Marijuana Act card carrying assiduous.

For this reason the Michigan Association of OWI Attorneys be disposed be hosting a spring seminar zealous exclusively to cases of this active principle of the universe.  Among the August staff are:


Pharmacology and Chromatography Instructor despite the American Chemical Society


Deputy Director of NORML and the NORML Foundation


Leading Ohio Attorney in the province of DUI and OVI defense


MSU Associate Professor, Department Head of Operations


Founder of Cannabis Counsel, PLC


Leading Texas Attorney in DUI defense, and besides, a retired police officer; DRE and SFST certified experimental knowledge lawyer.

This seminar will cover the philosophical knowledge of blood testing for drugs, known like GC/MS or gas chromatography/mass spectroscopy, and too, cover the presentation of these cases at temptation.

Trial skills addressed will include crusty-examination of the arresting officer, any DRE who may have been involved, and the laboratory algebraist from the Lansing.  Also, voir dreadful of the jury in these actual specialized cases.

Any DUI defense counsel in Michigan handling even a shallow number of thes  e cases forward a yearly basis are urged to have in keeping.

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Michigan’s lawyers and Judges consistently give Mr. Barone and the Barone Defense Firm their unconditioned top ratings. Because his colleagues consistently give him top reviews, Mr. Barone has an “AV” (highest) rating from Martindale-Hubbell, and from that time 2009 has been included in the in a high degree. selective US News & World Report’s America’s Best Lawyers at the same time that The Barone Defense Firm appears in their mate America’s Best Law Firms. He has been rated “Seriously Outstanding” ~ means of SuperLawyers, rated “Outstanding/10.0” ~ means of AVVO and has recently been appointed to the advisory provision for the Michigan edition of Leading Lawyers Magazine. The Founding Partner and CEO of the Barone Defense Firm, Mr. Barone has written two books and countless articles, on the subject of DUI defense and cause practice. He is a highly sought for speaker for bar association meetings and authorized education seminars throughout the country. He was appointed each adjunct professor at Thomas M. Cooley Law School, whither he teaches a cutting-edge rank on the practice of DUI defense. He is furthermore on the Faculty of the National College toward DUI Defense.

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