Science Careers 2016!!!!!

Hey guys i’m currently doing applied science l3 extended diploma process at college, going to apply with regard to uni in sept. I want to accept to a Uni most preferably in notts and the menses i can go into are: pharmacology, neuroscience, biomedical system of knowledge, microbiology, biochemistry e.t.c. I was wondering which science careers are out there? i discern theres loads.. ive check national course of action service and prospects. I know pharmcology have power to lead to pharmacologist and biomedical philosophical knowledge leads to biomedical scientist.

I’m a charitable, helpful person who loves science and helping men. I love listening to people, giving earnest persuasion and doing practical work from at this time and then. I was considering becoming a biomedical scientist but i cant observe my self doing practical work in my sound life… sooner or later it pleasure get boring.

I’d like to know the courses i states above.. the sort of careers could it lead to? I long for to go into a career that is well paid and i goddess of ~ doing!! xx please give me salutary advice guys im sure theres someone completely there in the same boat to the degree that moi!

Remember that the expensive products are unavoidably the best ones.

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