Omega-3 Inhibits the Spread of Cancer

Omega-3 greasy acids inhibit the growth and mantle of prostate cancer.

A website towards the Journal of Pharmacology  (1) reports that according to a study published in the Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics, researchers at Washington State University set up a mechanism by which omega-3 greasy acids inhibit the growth and expand of prostate cancer cells. These findings support the theory that omega-3s assistant reduce the risk of prostate cancer, and that they are cogent in inhibiting the proliferation of cancer cells.


OMG Omega 3

Omega 3 is of high standing for longevity and good natural soundness.

About Omega 3

Jim Vigue ~times speaks at our Super Thinking seminars.  He is a subordinate part of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and the American Association of Drugless Practitioners and is committee certified in alternative medicine and has a Ph.D. in holistic soundness.

Jim is also a former USA Baseball/Major League Players Association Coach of the Year at the same time that well as an award winning inventor on such diverse subjects as baseball, science and menopause.  He works by many professional  and non professional athletes and his baseball work spoke out against steroids long in the presence of the condemnation  was popular.  Jim’s principally successful book has been his main division on menopause (and other mid life issues women and their partners put a ~).

Dr. Jim told us:  Our careful search shows that people who have the highest Omega-3 Index values appear to have the slowest rates of “honey-combed aging.”

OMG Omega 3

Dr. Jim in that case outlined how Omega 3s may have ~ing doing more than just helping longevity.

He wrote: If I could without more take one supplement it would exist a good omega 3 product.

When we designed our fruit we included vitamin D, the super anti oxidant astaxanthin  and a see preprinter anti oxidant blend along with the krill oil and calamarine oil.

This is a same powerful combination. When you compare a safe level of omega 3s in the passion to other interventions that delay the diseases of aging omega 3s draw near out first all the time.

The key is getting the blood level of omega 3s at a flat that helps offset many of the diseases of aging including organ of circulation disease, diabetes, cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s, arthritis and likewise some cancers.

The fact is that suppose that you can get your omega 3 fore-finger around 8% you will age at smaller quantity than half the rate as those with an index of around 3%. The Japanese are the longest lived nation in the industrialized world because they be the subject of one of the highest omega 3 director values in the world.

 “No nutrient is greater quantity important for decreasing cardiovascular death – and further lacking – than omega-3.”

Bernadine Healy, MD  Cardiologist and  Past President of American Heart Association  – Past Director of the NIH – Past Director of the Red Cross
She concludes:   “Before tardy, your personal Omega-3 Index regular could he the new cholesterol – the calculate you want to brag about.”   Omega-3 satisfy in red blood cells is a powerful predictor cardiovascular disease.

Low levels of Omega-3 adipose acids are associated with higher rates of:

* Heart Disease, including:

* Sudden Cardiac Death (Primary Cardiac Arrest)

* Mortality from Congestive Heart Failure

* Mortality subsequent to heart attack

*2nd Heart Attack

* 1 st Heart Attack in those with High Triglycerides/Low HDL 2nd Stroke Cellular Aging

* Depression (Major Depressive Disorder) Dementia/Alzheimer’s Disease, Inflammation ,Chronic Joint Swelling, Headaches, Prostate cancer.

In the USA and European Union, the average Omega-3 Index is 4-5%.

In Japan, the medium diet is high in Omega-3 and the mean proportion Omega-3 Index is 9.5%.

In the USA, unforeseen cardiac death rates are about 20 times HIGHER than they are in Japan.

The pomposity of measuring your Omega-3 Index:

Omega Chart

In individual study, the Omega-3 index was regular in 704 individuals, some were attractive fish oil supplementation and some were not. Only 1% of the dispose not taking fish oil had each Omega-3 Index  8%.

However, in the dispose that was taking fish oil, no other than 17% had an Omega-3 Index atop of 8%.

83% of people in the study anger fish oil were NOT getting to goal!!!

Dr. Jim related this simple fact that many indifferent fish oils weren’t doing the work at ~s led him to develop his have a title to high quality product. Initially designed on the side of athletes but really for any sprightly person.

Dr. Jim introduced a recently made known word at the seminar……Supertarian

A Supertarian is someone who:

1. Has a vitamin D plain over 50
2. Has an omega table of contents over 8.
3. Has a starch-sugar level under 90
4. Has balanced hormones

He believes that anyone who can achieved this status will have a cheering chance of avoiding or at the unfurnished minimum postponing the major diseases of aging.

Dr. Jim designs original products for his own companies and others. He has individual 15 year old line of supplements that he markets exclusively to doctors and clinics. He besides designs and develops products for other companies. He has proper introduced his new Athlete’s Best calling.

He markets his omega product (which lowers PSA scores and the danger of prostate cancer) along with the strongest non recipe prostate formula on the market-that deals with all the other issues of prostate soundness.

He feels his omega plus form is the number one supplement that the million should be taking before anything other. It is a proprietary formula designed to attempt the optimal amount of ingredients with a view to maximum benefit. For instance, as he mentioned at our after all the rest seminar a Korean study pointed extinguished that 2 mg of astaxanthin is to a greater degree beneficial than 8 mg.(he has superior 2 in his formula which he feels is the optimal sum total). It is the same thing through krill oil..more is not unavoidably better. Dr. Jim’s formula contains the chiefly effective amount of krill oil.

People require to get their omega index into the 8%+ compass. Regular fish oil doesn’t complete it and regular fish oil has greater degree of contaminants and oxidizes quicker than what he has in his formula. Basically drag oil is obsolete and much more suitable lipid results are achieved with Dr. Jim’s formulation according to Dr. Jim.

If someone wants to influence an omega index score they be possible to order a finger prick test to hurl to a lab for around $140.00 or they can order it with their regular progeny work. The US average score is round 4 while the longest lived commonalty in the industrialized world(the Japanese) consider scores over 8.

If you look at the Bernadine Healy quote that nature of sums up the way we beware this:

Before long, your individual Omega-3 Index just could subsist the new cholesterol-the number you cannot do without cannot dispense with to brag about.”

And greater degree research has come out on this ago her quote that shows cholesterol isn’t the delinquent it has been made out to have existence.

The fact is that there truly is nothing else better for overall soundness than a healthy omega index. Heart distemper is one area of course where omega-3s are known to benefit. But there is also the thing done that a healthy omega score swamp-sickness down telomere reduction and cellular aging, limits cognitive deterioration and helps hold off Alzheimer’s and reduces overall conflagration levels in the body(thereby improving union pain).

Inflammation is considered a greater factor in all the diseases of aging and this result does a great job at reducing CRP (C-Reactive Protein)that is the major inflammation marker. Users of the Athlete’s Best model have also shown increased levels of HDL (precious cholesterol) and lower readings of both triglycerides and PSA scores.

You have power to go on the Athlete’s Best website and pick up more information on the outcome. A link is below.

This selfsame formula is being sold in gyms everything over the country at much higher prices.

Dr. Jim has provided Gary Scott readers a $5 digest which puts this price below exactly the normal price at’s website.

Plus this cost includes free shipping in the USA.

This brings the by means of bottle cost down to below $1.00 a sunlight at $44.95 for this guerdon product with premium ingredients. Each bottle offers a 45 twenty-four hours supply of product.

A 90 appointed time supply is $79.90 with open-handed shipping which brings the cost for day even lower.  Gary Scott readers admit a 10% discount using the digest GARYSCOTT10.

Since it takes roughly 90 days as being red blood cells to go through a clean cycle users really need to take the ~ion(or any supplement for that substance) for at least 90 days to master the maximum benefit.

A 90 twenty-four hours supply is less than $.95 a age for a product that  provides a more elevated and proprietary omega 3 formula, the Astaxanthin, the vitamin D and the anti oxidant intermingle.

Order three month supply for 10% not on the $79.90 price here

omega 3

Wikipedia up~ the body Telomeres

Report at Journal of Pharacology that Omega-3 greasy acids inhibit the growth and disseminate of prostate cancer

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