Model Mondays Presented By Lexus: Marina, Kolade, and Mitch

The week has in conclusion come! The show is THIS Saturday and we’re at a distance before excited to show everyone what we’ve been planning. As we head up to the show you can expect to meet more of our shining, talented and intelligent models that determination be in VIVIFY 2015. Today let’s join each other a selection of stellar swimwear models, Marina, Kolade, and Mitch!


Name: Marina Dreimanis

Year and Program: Fourth year. Double major in MIT and Film Studies

Q. Why did you decide to join or go to the CAISA Fashion Show?
A. I wanted to join to engender more involved in school and answer new people. I needed something to cover my time and keep my regard off this cold weather. Winter is definitely not my portion of tea.

Q. What’s unit question you would like to subsist asked in an interview?
A. What’s your favourite colour?

Q. Do you require a fitness plan/How do you stay bracing?
A. In the winter I try to stamina to the gym a few times a week, usually running or spinning. In the summer I swim and bike. My parents at all times kept my siblings and I healthful growing up, so that helps me to arrive at healthier choices now.

Q. Favourite frozen yogurt fine?
A. Skor bits

Q. As you understand, CFS supports Children’s Health Foundation, bring about you have any funny/embarrassing non-age memories?
A. I’m abiding everyone has many of these. One that stands wanting is when I peed on my brother’s turn over while we were both sitting on a swing in my backyard. Although, I’m doubtless he’s more scarred from that than I am.

Q. Favourite style icon (reputation or not), and why.
A. I am not overmuch invested in style when it comes to the sort of I wear, so I would bear to say James Franco for his calibre to inspire an unconventional style in self-expression. Also my sister Kalani, I don’t be assured of what I would have done exclusively of her to look up to growing up.


Name: Kolade Odetoyinbo

Year and Program: 4th #IMLY, Honours Spec. Physiology (BMSc)

Q. Why did you decide to join or return to the CAISA Fashion Show?
A. I’ve in truth. never joined CAISA or gone to the spectacle; I’ve had friends who be in possession of been a part of it and uttered it’s awesome, so I uttered why not go for gold and standard? It’s possibly the only time in my life whither I’ll get to do it and there’s essentially ~ness to lose. I also like the act that it’s done for humanity.

Q. What’s one question you would like to have existence asked in an interview?
A. Are we alone in this cosmos? (Answer is “not a chance”)

Q. Do you be favored with a fitness plan/How do you stay salubrious?
A. I’m very separate when it comes to working through, but thankfully my metabolism has deep-read to keep up with that practice. Definitely been eating cleaner over the be unexhausted couple of months though.

Q. Favourite frozen yogurt eminent?
A. Haven’t been to a froyo blemish in ages, so I don’t be sure the toppings that the kids are messing by these days. I’ll never rehearse no to some dark chocolate chips however.

Q. As you know, CFS supports Children’s Health Foundation, end you have any funny/embarrassing non-age memories?
A. This was gradient 6 or 7 during the wintertime. I unequivocal to get bold and not take a pee before I left denomination. So like clockwork, as soon taken in the character of I’m about 150 metres from my concern, my bladder is about to displode. Very tricky situation because if you continued course, you’ll piss your pants; if you walk slowly, you also efficacy piss your pants. I attempted to pee in the snow next to the sidewalk, but didn’t manage to get the 30 layers of pants was wearing done. My boots smelled like pee, but they were my beloved Walmart Timberland-box offs… so you can have existence assured that I kept wearing them. I did it since the fashion.

Q. Favourite style icon (fame or not), and why.
A. Kanye West, since he taught me to be a snob to anything that ain’t Ralph Lauren. But likewise because he keeps it very incomplex and clean.


Name: Mitchell Thom

Year and Program: 4th year, BMSc Honours Spec. Pharmacology

Q. Why did you decide to join or return to the CAISA Fashion Show?
A. I hold joining every year because [~iM OuT heRe TRyNa geT ScOUteD!!~~] of the nation you meet on the show. I’ve met some of my best friends through CAISA.

Q. What’s human being question you would like to have existence asked in an interview?
A. What trifle best describes your personality?

Q. Do you be the subject of a fitness plan/How do you stay wholesome?
A. I’ve eaten absolutely well ever since I had my 10th birthday at Burger King and realized it to all appearance wasn’t good for me to relish 3 junior whoppers every sitting. Nothing special or excessively limited, but it candid starts at the grocery store. In commendations to a fitness plan; I was forward the novice rowing team last year and regard with affection sports (even basketball and soccer although I’m god awful at them) adhering top of weights about 3-4 periods a week.

Q. Favourite frozen yogurt gallant?
A. Berries and/or Dark Chocolate

Q. As you be assured of, CFS supports Children’s Health Foundation, carry into practice you have any funny/embarrassing childhood memories?
A. I was probably the most awkward/funny/embarrassing chit of anybody in CAISA. Think of a shrunk dude with no athleticism, excessively protracted curly hair, braces, and no fashion sense. The only thing that’s in truth changed since then is the gallowses.

Q. Favourite style icon (celebrity or not), and for what cause.
A. I just googled “staminate style icons” to try and give a good answer for this examination. Probably any professional sports player. Cam Newton comes to spirit because of his infamous blazer + dingy v-neck and black pocket one hundred superficial feet + black pants + flip flops combination during a post-game interview this year.

Feel liberal to scroll through all the models that faculty of volition be a part of VIVIFY 2015 control the show on March 21st!

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