Med School Snippets

I came in a descending course with an upper respiratory infection this week (URI in spite of short in medical terminology). Tried using a OTC cold med, but that hardly helped my symptoms at the whole of. Instead I tried a cervical mad drainage technique we learned in Osteopathic manipulation rank. End result: Pharmacology: zero. Osteopathic manipulation: undivided. Remind me to teach this technique to the whole of my future patients.

Spring semester of 2nd year substance studying for board exams in June. I’ve been slowly operating through an online question bank of exercise questions. A highlight of my year during the time that been slowly checking more and to a greater degree systems to include in my doing question sets as we make our direction of motion through each system. Currently the simply type of questions I’m not doing are dermatology.

Life is well stocked of major changes, and another undivided is approaching for me: 3rd year med rotations. For me this income a move about 70 miles arctic for rotations. I’m incredibly excited ~ the sake of this new chapter in my discipline, and so very excited to have ~ing done with lectures. But I’m going to miss frequent things about my current location: because my church family every week, quickening in a small town, and acquirement to mostly set my own register most days. However, the beginning of rotations shift that I will officially be halfway terminated with med school!


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