It’s been couple dark months since I lasted instructed a Lately post. Don’t keep a grudge against me but things happen. Time slips begone and I’ve been up non-hinder for the last two months. I can’t sleep. Its apart of my debasement but this is a story you direction get when you read about my freedom from disease. So let’s jump into my at the outset March Lately post ;D

College is stressful. I gave up in c~tinuance Anatomy pt 2. It was super forcibly and there was really no any to help me with it and I was anxious of failing. Still, I did the with most propriety I could until I could least bit the class. Anyway, I have to retake Anatomy pt.2 this summer and labor two jobs while doing it. I accept no idea how I am going to terminate this but it has to exist done. I’m just scared that I’m going to become extinct the class and have to act even harder to graduate in May 2016. Yes, I should be delivered of continued with the class this semester if it were not that I think its for the with most propriety that I didn’t. I consider doctor appointments for my mental ailment way too often to be accomplished to sit in class. I’m hoping this and my drug are taken care of before I impulse classes in the Fall. Those classes ask me to sit in and not miss any days for any reason. Currently I am pique all 3 online classes that hold pathophysiology, pharmacology and statistics. Currently I acquire two A’s and a bel~ B in my classes. Aside from that I was accepted into the civilities program but I think I’m going to hap myself out of it. Its also much work and extra classes needed in require to graduate with the honors. I’d the more so graduate with a 3.5 and magnify that!

I’m so over my work at ~s. Work sucks so much. I cannot wait to dispose back to the zoo where the real fun is. I miss that work at ~s so much. I don’t be assured of how I’m going to act 2 jobs and go to govern in the summer. Its going to be so hard for me. I’m also looking for a new job. The zoo has side-time positions opened. Hopefully they pay other thing than minimum wage because I’m aggregate down for it. I also applied to a hardly any banks and got a call back the next day! I’m excited about it. I verily need a new job that pays other thing than minimum wage.

Dating hasn’t crossed my brains. My best friend Vince wants to take our amity to the next level but I put on’t want to. At one particular aspect of time I wanted him in this way badly but he didn’t require me. That’s not my point in dispute now that we’re older. SO he’s furious at me and ignoring me since I don’t want to have existence with him. Womp.

Health is deteriorating especially my intellectual health. I don’t feel myself getting any better. My medicine hasn’t truly been working and it annoys me. Constantly going to the physician to see nurses and get my medicines up’d is the sort of bothers me. I’m tired if it were not that I’ll continue to fight end this. I have no choice. I repel to let it beat me.

Friends are awesome and supportive. Since inner reality scammed, they have really stepped up and consoled me each moment that I have felt alone. Oh and my most profitably friend Nay is currently pregnant by a little girl. She’s going to have existence beautiful. I’m very excited during the term of her and her new little tribe.

There are many rehabilitation centers the relief such patients to appear again to a legitimate lifestyle.

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