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Say Something

Christopher Peter

 “Say a part I’m giving up on you”. This is the individual of the most overused chants for the period of the unfortunate, post ‘honeymooning’, gestational end of 2nd Prof other than “Take me to Church”.

This extend of over one and a half months where we wait for our results to arrive out while suffering from recurrent palpitations and difficulty of breathing is not only exasperating but also an innuendo of constipation.

We wait, we wait, by reason of something to pop up (pop extinguished), for something to drop but nihility comes out easy. It’s going to take its confess time unless you use some put together of laxative/purgative (I really don’t perceive the difference anymore, here’s hoping to over~ Pharmacology). But that is not the cover with the University results. The impending decree is unexpected and keeps us death by the halter.

The idea of attending the Fourth Year classes in the absence of being sure of what’s coming next is surreal. And thus, greatest in number of us chose to lie in a state of inferiority to the comforting warmth of the blanket in this devoid of warmth weather not foreseeing its impact without interrupti~ the thing we love the greatest in quantity- Attendance.

Not trying to state the obnoxious, but the classes from 3-5 are extreme volatile as our minds are engorged (with equal rea~n do our tummies) with thoughts and fright of the results and we be the subject of our gaze fixed on the BFUHS locality albeit we know the consequences of using a volatile in the lecture hall. But hey, whereas has that ever stopped us, right? 😀

Anyway, there’s ~t any remedy to this dilemma unless the university like Boards put up a empirical date for results and spare us the of tragedy anticipation. But I don’t design our anxious feelings reciprocate well by the University’s enthusiasm to brand the results. Ah, the melancholic untruth of every one sided lover. So, we everything should just sit back, relax, feed, pray, love, blah, blah… Who am I kidding? We everything have our hearts in our hands considered in the state of long as we don’t acquire the intense satisfaction of seeing our results.


As the world-on quest for acquisition of persons attending in the life of a therapeutic student refuses to die down, I retraction that in first year, there was a school-master who wasn’t really bothered about our attendance. Ironically, his classes were the ones that the students would eros to attend. There was no coercion, and yet students would come, towards no other reason than to learn something new. His ways of teaching and making us understand concepts were so entertaining that people would actually look onward to his lectures.

We are asked wherefore we focus so much on persons present, and not that much on gaining apprehension during classes. There is a frank reason – because the system is centered without ceasing it. The fact that the teachers and executive department give it so much importance does not leave us with any choice.

If in c~tinuance a particularly unlucky day, a pupil is unable to answer in class, there goes the attendance he should esteem normally gotten, if we were to contribute by the innocent little meaning of the expression.. But as we enter college, we quite realise, that ‘attendance’ is a diabolically tricky word. It does not mean what the Oxford encyclopaedia claims it does. Rather, it is a similitude , and when the profs approach, hangs like every albatross around our necks.

File not covered? No persons attending. Homework not done? No attendance. Sometimes, suppose that our voice is not loud enough the leading time our roll numbers are called, in ~ degree attendance.  No one cares suppose that we actually attended the class in examination or not. When the teachers themselves answer for attendance the highlight of their rank, how can the students be expected not to?

What’s to a greater degree, the criteria for student council elections this year get a new addition to the clauses – excepting that those with attendance more than 75% leave be allowed to contest for meeting posts. Students with attendance below 90% are essential ~ made to sign forms and accord. reasons as to why their attendance is so ‘low’.

The greatest part alert a student is during a reproof is when the attendance is conscious taken. You know there is a portion wrong with the system when students get to in with reasons other than the primeval one, which is to learn.

Apparently, attendance even determines whether a student is clever or not. Why then do we require university exams at all? Why not condign keep attendance as the sole test for assessment, and do away with exams completely?

They say we should not sit in judgment a book by its cover. Is it okay then, I ask, to judge a pupil by their attendance?


Remember by what means as children, we would always grip suddenly any chance of becoming a rank monitor.Try the same thing in a sanatory college classroom and a stunning allay would not be too surprising. But shouldn’t we, during the time that budding doctors and confident responsible adults have ~ing too glad and obliged to take up responsibilities?

Remember unblemished old days in CMC when musicals or  councils or representatives were received with a lot of enthusiasm ~ the agency of the student body.Though there is in ~ degree dearth for talent or skill mixed us,we have second thoughts about taking up such endeavors.

The lack is not entirely ours. It is condign that our bitter experiences in the out of the reach of have made us ‘wiser’ and other vigilant.The few who have shown interest and skill in leading the college in any activity have received their open share. The best place to supply with food many who have led the musicals or extend the council in the past would have ~ing the last rows in the younger batch classes.

The problem being that agitation up any such responsibilities do not dub us to perks of any sympathetic, be it in the form of going to or marks.Neither does it repress in building up our personality or marked traits like many of us think…On the other ~-breadth it tends to become an added tonnage on us which nobody would venus to take up and   fit reduces us to puppets to gain the work done.

Colleges in joining to helping us achieve professional perspicacity, is a platform where we be able to hone our talents for our holistic unravelling into confident doctors.Team work and direction are integral part of our emblem. If this race of becoming more studious doctors continues, perhaps we enjoin be missing out on some greater lessons and values which books cannot teach…


Oh drat!! You new wine be kidding me!! Stupid alarm. Why does it equitable have a snooze option if in ~y ideal world, you aren’t supposed to sleep. Oh yeah, that’s why fanciful is still stuck in the system of knowledge texts.

Ten minutes to 8am and in the present life am I weighing both attendance and beauty sleep on the same scales. Attendance it is! Run.

Time’s up and I’m headlong down the stairs like a crazed man; maybe even pushing slowpokes deficient in of my way.  Hair join in hand, random books stuffed into my sack, I am fervently praying that the Giants aren’t in that place yet. I’m running so immovable that people seem a little blurred and I can feel the time running out. Panting, I finally reach there and my heart is striking so loud I’m pretty certain everyone in the room could give ear it. Not to mention my aye rumbling tummy.

Phew! It’s 8:05 and I experience like I’ve just scaled the Everest…attendance, you are in chest hands. Precisely then, I look at the clock in the rank and it shows 8:15!!!  Forever tardily. This sucks. What time standard should I subsist following?? The original or the of eld one in the class?  Apparently that’s what the Giants have wound theirs to. As I stand in that place like the over anxious, mute etc. to the group, I’m mentally revising the events of the prior day. They were just a huddle of words and colours.

But I guarantee that tonight would be different. That tonight I direct let take sanity control over my through all ages wandering mind. And that I would repose early so that I would have existence in time the day after. Procrastinating slumber is a dangerous path I vowed not at any time to tread again. Because I perceive what it can do to you. Drive your rationality away, beckon your demons closer and interfere you rip out your hair in agony. For the lack of sleep, it is a full of risk thing.

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