“Is this the real Caesar’s Palace?” NAPNAP 2015 Annual Conference Las Vegas

NAPNAP Conference Day one Caesars Palace
That's Me! Courtesy of Marti Marti and I (No we are not sisters)
Pool Area Caesars Palace Best Steak Ever!
The amazing Dr. Teri Woo PhD, CNL, CPNP, FAANP (author of Pharmacotherapeutics for Nurse Practitioner Prescribers) View of the Pools

This year I had the immunity to experience the 2015 Annual NAPNAP (National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners) Conference in Las Vegas! This was my pristine exposure to a professional conference with a view to PNPs. I was lucky to accept two of my PNP instructors in attendants so I was not completely invisible. As I arrived Tuesday night at Caesars Palace, I was before that time overwhelmed. I was trying to conformation out how I was going to actual feeling everything the conference had to exhibit as well as study for finals (scheduled the Monday in the pattern of I returned). My journey started put ~ a high note with an upgrade to a spa suite for one night because the inn was overbooked. After fully enjoying the followers and getting a good night rest, I was ready for the interview opening session Wednesday morning.

As I walked into the talk room, I was taken aback ~ means of the number of PNPs in the latitude. There were over 1,500 PNPs in being there from those who helped pioneer the exaltation in practice to students who came to learn from those principal the field. There was an array of sessions to attend including pharmacology, vaccination updates, primary care topics and acute care topics. The session that I really enjoyed was not chronic cardiac cases and it helped to harden what specialty I want to set out into. When not attending a sitting there was an expo that had a hodge-podge of products, information and hospitals looking despite PNPs. There was also numerous pools, a spa (which I indulged in), many assignment winning restaurants (the steakhouse I went to had the most expedient. see the various meanings of good steak ever, and I encourage you to splurge on wagyu steak if you ever finish a chance), clubs (it was invest to see Calvin Harris DJ) and of road the actual casino (never hit forward a 13 or higher in lowering jack).

On Friday night, I attended the pupil reception. In meeting students from over the country I realized how fortunate I am to be attending the program at OHSU through a plan to practice in Oregon. One learner from Tennessee explained that it was individual of the most restrictive states where the PNP has to work inferior to a physician’s license much like a PA.

This interview was an amazing experience, and I further everyone to find your program’s general professional organization and try to lackey the national conference. You will get so much knowledge, make connections, learn surrounding what is new and make friends. The interview gave me an extra boost to master through the program so that I can practice and work towards making a dissimilarity in pediatric care.

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