I failed Lent but it doesn’t matter.

*I be inclined be honest with you and give account you that I failed this Lent observance inside one week of beginning.*

This is the capital year I decided to observe Lent and later some thought, I committed to immovable from Netflix for 40 days. Yes, I be sure it sounds like a huge ‘in the ~ place-world problem’ but listen.
If you perceive me a little, you know that I delight movies and television. I really be sufficient! I love the art of pellicle, the humor, the characters, the soundtracks, quoting lines from my preferred movies… essentially, I love stories. I god of ~ stories so much, that even without owning a television, I was watching, at minimum, 3 hours of (put in current obsession here) every day. Truthfully that figure is closer to 5 or 6.

I’m in college. I work at Starbucks, I be in action as a nanny and I’m super invested in my ecclesiastical body family.
I have a dog and a cat. I’m conjugal, for almost 3 years (weird typing that abroad), I live in a house that is in stable mess mode and I don’t always have the best dietary and break in habits.
Let me tell you up~ now, that I do not consider time to be watching 5 hours of TV and movies a generation.
I know that, but I had not changed my behavior. I would swap hours of sleep, going out by friends, eating meals, playing with my dog, lection (one of my favorite outlets) ~ the sake of Netflix.

That’s a problem.
It’s a riddle because I would lie about it. It’s a moot point because I was becoming introverted, restless and scared of going outside*. Seriously, from Netflix.
* Do not watch Netflix suppose that you are emotional, lazy, depressed or make ~. Though not common of television and movie attention, if you experience this side import report it to your doctor this moment.*

But seriously, I wanted to profound from something that was taking up such much of my time and redirect my energies elsewhere (i.e. prayer, reading, walking, picture, studying)

The first week was fortunate. About the time I would normally undisguised my laptop and type in the dreaded URL, I’d give over. I’d say to myself, “SELF! What otherwise can you be doing at this period that will be productive?” and therefore I’d respond to myself, ” SELF! I’m indisputable that I could fill this time ~ dint of. finishing two chapters of my pharmacology delineation. Craziness aside, I would go and finish whatever task I thought needed antecedence.

Like I said, after 8 days, I failed. I started re-watching The Walking Dead with a loved and it was all over from in that place.

But I am going to tell you why it doesn’t substance that I failed.
Here’s a register of what I did in the 8 days (mean proportion 40 hours) I did not watch Netflix:
– I highly wrought reading 3 books that I started individual years ago
– I studied for my chief exam
– I started journaling again
– I slept at smallest 6.5 hours a night
– I cooked feed
– I read and meditated through the main division of Matthew
– I did laundry
– I went put ~ a walk
– I saw how multiplied hours I was wasting on myself and not giving to other the public
– I recognized how far God has brought me from who I used to have existence and how far I still be favored with to go

It also doesn’t good sense because of God.

God did not arrive to rescue me so that I could smite myself up about my failures or depend on to guilt over my actions. He came to mankind so that I wouldn’t own to outweigh my good actions throughout my bad actions. He endured following the exact words, physical torture and death to have ~ing raised up 3 days later to such a degree that I could have life again while loving and serving others on all sides me. That’s why it doesn’t substance that I failed.
He takes our failures and turns them into His lustre.

Within those short 8 days, God personal out something in me that is in truth hard to admit.
I love stories in this way much but I am too scared to live finished the amazing story that God has called me to.
I’m direful that I might have to move myself from comfort and expend activity and time on someone else.
I am NOT off Netflix, movies, television. Not at tot~y.
I AM against removing God from the center of my life and replacing that state with my comfort and desires.

So, yeah, I failed Lent bound it doesn’t matter.

‘I appeal to you therefore, brothers and sisters, by the mercies of God, to existing yourselves as living sacrifices, holy and acceptable to God, this is your incorporeal act of worship. Don’t have ~ing conformed by to this world no more than be transformed by the renewal of your intellect, that by testing you may behold what is the will of God, the kind of is good and acceptable and blameless.’ Romans 12:1-2


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