GCSEs and medicine

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i really want to generate into medicine but my GCSEs resolution be quite bad. By bad I ~s only a few As and Bs and it may be an A*. Would medical schools like husk York overlook GCSEs and concentrate in greater numbers on a levels and work continued. I really really want to procure into medical school and I slip on’t know what to do granting that I dont.

Hi, I’ve started this slender cord for you as you posted in the ‘not at all discussion thread’.

It sounds like you privation to do some research into GCSEs requirements on account of medical schools. Have a look at the remedial agent wiki to get started, or up~ the universities websites.

The main occurrence is you haven’t sat your exams now. Start working your butt off and obtain the best grades possible (although through the grades you’ve suggested you would quiet have some options).

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