Four months later…

Dear readers,

I am sincerely sorry for the long time of hush. This is my first post this year. I am very lately in second year of medical discipline. a lot has happened in my life from that time my last post. The most unusual being the surgery that I had without interrupti~ the last day of last year. I broke my forearm and underwent  a action called open reduction internal fixation.  The scars in my fit hand constantly remind me that the bony structure of my forearm will forever make different. Contrastingly, it reminds  me of God’s leading grace.

This year, I am studying microbiology, pharmacology, immunology and crowd others. I must admit that medicinal microbiology is getting into me. It is fascinating me. Sometimes I have ~ing that tropical medicine is my honorable passion. Microorganisms are evolving genius ways to continue to live. we are also struggling to preserve them in check, to coexist through them if possible but this is increasingly graceful a hope rather than a actuality. these small organisms might form the basis of my future carrier. I power of determination weigh in the future depending up~ how internal medicine, pathology and surgery command turn out next year. Wish me fortune.

As we tread this path that we chose, things are appropriate more difficult and medicine is congruous more real. We are taught in an opposite direction how delicate the human body is. We are learning to save lives. I am enjoying each bit of it. I don’t discern why in all these circumstances , dissolution only seems as a failure of drug and not a natural creation. Perhaps this should change. As far as I am concerned, death is part of medicine which we have power to not fight. After we have ended our best, all we should fare is to let go. We should exist taught how and when to repeat enough is enough. I stand to exist corrected.

Kind regards,

country boy.

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When confronted through any specific sickness, which includes colon cancers, friends and parents and children are the initial thought of a stubborn support system.

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