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Note: admitting her doctorate was honorary, her life and contributions were unusual. She completed Masters work, and not at all married though had a full life of the same kind with an aunt and researcher (and Nobel Laureate). You be obliged for it to yourself to read her unalloyed bio, which I excerpt below. Note 2: she was the daughter of immigrants.

The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 1988

Born: 23 January 1918, New York, NY, USA

Died: 21 February 1999, Chapel Hill, NC, USA

Affiliation at the time of the grant: Wellcome Research Laboratories, Research Triangle Park, NC, USA

Prize motivation: “on account of their discoveries of important principles towards drug treatment“.

Prize share: James W. Black, Gertrude B. Elion and George H. Hitchings “by reason of their discoveries of important principles with respect to drug treatment“.

I was born in New York City in successi~ a cold January night when the supply with ~ pipes in our apartment froze and break open. Fortunately, my mother was in the hospital tolerably than at home at the time. My engender emigrated from Lithuania to the United States at the mature years of 12. He received his higher training in New York City and graduated in 1914 from the New York University School of Dentistry. My source came at the age of 14 from a ~icipation of Russia which, after the armed conflict of powers, became Poland; she was only 19 which time she was married to my author. My first seven years were spent in a large apartment in Manhattan to what my father had his dental duty, with our living quarters adjoining it.

My brother was born around six years after I was, and succinctly thereafter we moved to the Bronx, which was then considered a suburb of New York City. There were quiet many open lots where children could do and large parks, including the Bronx Zoo, to what one. I was very much devoted. My brother and I had a expert childhood. We went to a the world school within walking distance of our furnish with a ~. Our classrooms were generally quite crowded, unless we received a good basic nurture.

I was a child with every insatiable thirst for knowledge and remember enjoying all of my courses almost equally. When it came time at the cessation of my high school career to elect a major in which to specialize I was in a difficulty. One of the deciding factors may be obliged been that my grandfather, whom I loved dearly, died of cancer at the time I was 15. I was exceedingly motivated to do something that might eventually lead to a cure beneficial to this terrible disease. When I entered Hunter College in 1933, I undeniable to major in science and, in noteworthy, chemistry.

By this time my fore~ was not financially well-off from the time of he, like many others, had invested heavily in the trunk market, and in the crash of 1929 had gone into insolvency. Fortunately, he still had his employment and his loyal patients. Had it not been that Hunter College was a open college, and that my grades were competent enough for me to enter it, I guess I might never have received a higher training. My brother also was able to take vantageground of a free higher education, going to the College of the City of New York to what he studied physics and engineering.

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