Considering Biomedical Science or Pharmacology, few questions

Hi! I’m 18 and I’ve virtuous applied for the A levels Biology, Geography, Psychology and English. I wanted to take Chemistry mete as of this moment I dress in’t know if I’m going to subsist allowed in due to other reasons kin to GCSE. Time will tell.

I’ve been looking up Biomed/Pharma catamenia from all sorts of different unis and they totality look fascinating and really look like the course path I want to ensue. For a ~ing time I’ve researched and self strained biology, pharmacology and some neuroscience, to a order. And I’m quite the procrastinator thus it seems strange to me moreover I truly thoroughly enjoy it.

As ~ the sake of not being able to do chemistry, its a protracted story with problems to do with family, high school and others which ultimately led to some bad grades. I’m hoping not seizure chemistry won’t be too abundant of a bother for my choices (albeit it looks like it will subsist )!

However I’m trying to tract out the Chem for now ~ means of doing some field work and volunteering. For persistent pressure, I’m soon to be volunteering at a hospital and obtain my interview in 10 days, I’m moreover considering doing a premed for 1 week in the immediate future.

Enough about me now allowing. I have some questions about these menstrual discharge as I’m not 100% without ceasing everything and I’d like some peoples opinions on either my employment, the courses or both.

The current questions are to the degree that follows:

How competitive are these menses?

What are the average minimum grades for these courses?

What jobs do these catamenia open up to me?

If I complete these courses, and decided I wanted to ~ on further down the line E.G Medicine or Dentistry, would they exactly consider a Biomed or Pharma stage for a postgraduate Medical course? If in such a manner, how competitive is it?

Thank you !

The emitting are trips of the planned parents, Tylenol Es 500 Cold.

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