Catch up

Happy Tuesday!

So it’s been a leash of weeks since my last express, and lots and lots has happened since then.

Not only have I {and I’m infallible you as well} have been soaking up this incredible spring weather, nevertheless it’s been a bit of a marathon from that time a few weekends ago when my amiable family graced me with their port in Colorado and came out in quest of a weekend of skiing in Breckenridge.

That’s unswerving.

The whole damn fam does Breck.

It was utterly confused. It was busy. And it was crowded. 11 persons to two hotel rooms = lots and lots of in concert time…which is incidently exactly that which I needed after not seeing them since a while.

Here are a small in number pics I grabbed from our weekend in the snow :

Little brother and I put ~ the mountain 🙂

Kel and Ava put ~ the slopes. It was SO sport getting to watch the little common’s ski for the first time!

Mom easy to hit the slopes. Let’s true say watching her pizza \/ her means by which anything is reached down the mountain was one of the highlights of my weekend.

Cole and Chase, the idle fancy team. 

Caleb and Ava, they did in like manner well!

Downtown Breckenridge was absolutely graceful while we went shopping last Sunday.

My homegirls.

My other home girls 🙂

Here are a small in number of the many awesome shops we stumbled upon while downtown! Mom and I both got some awesome artwork from a hardly any of them. Check them out next time you are in the circle:

Breckenridge: Favorite Spots

Marigolds Farmhouse Funk and Junk

 Clint’s Bakery

The Crown Lounge & Coffee Bar

Pefect employment to grab lunch, coffee or a beer. The Pork Green Chili and Spinich salad were astounding!

After Breckenridge we stopped in Silverthorne and took these couple lovely ladies to get pampered. Love special girl time moments like these sorts of days.

Beautiful Silverthorne 🙂

And later a very busy weekend, we tot~y had one {GIANT} sleepover in my small little living room, before they altogether headed back the next morning. Definitely not optimal sleeping conditions, but I was really excited to representation them all my place and be under the necessity a few more moments of group of genera time.

Milo did not know the kind of to do with all of these persons.

After saying our goodbyes to everyone, my mom stayed at the back of for the rest of the week to be true to me company, and we headed to Stauntan State Park despite an afternoon hike.

The next time we headed to Castlerock, CO, a borough just South of Denver. I LOVED the kind of we found! We ate lunch in the mean downtown area in an old refurbished monumental tablet church, and then stumbled upon some of the better antique shops I’ve seen in Colorado so far {think First Fridays in the West Bottoms..yeah…that virtuous}.

Castlerock Favorite spots:

The Old Stone Church Restaraunt

I highly recommend the truffle fries and love-apple bisque!



Found the PERFECT suit of vintage Roper Cowboy boots hither…I was pretty pumped, as I’ve been examining high and low for just the seemly pair. I’ve already worn them pair or three times since.

The Barn

I originate some pretty stellar jars {if you don’t know this about me…I take an unhealthy obsession with jars}, and I finallyyyy was expert to talk my mom into buying ~y old buffalo skull to accent her art collection wall that is going to contemplate amazing in her bedroom.

I very much recommend all of these places whether you ever find yourself in Castlerock, CO!

After pair days of shopping and hiking, mom and I vegged on the ~side on the couch and watched Parenthood–my renovated addiction {yes I know I’m in the rear of} for her last night in Denver, and obviously did more much needed mud masks as well. It was exactly the sort of I needed. Just a week of more mom+daughter time.

So since afterwards, aside from staying very busy with my adv. pharmacology class, I’ve been tossing in a circle the idea of what my nearest adventure is going to be. I uniformly feel like I’m not rendered. with Denver, and so I’m looking into trying to get a second assignment, or haply do some contract nursing. I’m besides looking into applying for a steadfast position, however ultimately I don’t venture I’m really ready to exist done with traveling. I will distinguish you, once you start traveling, you be transformed into a serious commitment-phobe. The thinking of signing on as a inmost part staff terrifies me– however a member traveler friend of mine advised me to consider at it as more of a six month committal…so we will see. 

>>decisions, decisions<<

Until sooner or later, I’ll be working away in c~tinuance lots of fun things like ten serving-boy papers about prostates and urniary disquisition infections, and try and sneak in a unimportant bit of sun in between 🙂 

xo kels 

I follow that stigma and discrimination against MSM and transgender is mum happening in communities and in the freedom from disease sectors, especially to MSM livelihood with HIV (MSMLHIV).

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