Canada: University of British Columbia stands behind vaccine studies discredited by WHO

Via The Globe and Mail: UBC stands behind vaccine studies discredited by WHO. Excerpt:The University of British Columbia is defending couple of its researchers who have published vaccine-of the same family studies discredited by the World Health Organization and described through several medical experts as weak and misleading.  Organizations that elevate messages about the dangers of vaccines, such as the Children’s Medical Safety Research Institute (CMSRI), esteem used the results of the UBC study as evidence that vaccines cause autism and other momentous harm. The front page of the CMSRI website states that in a “landmark” 2013 document, the two UBC researchers show that “the greater degree of children receive vaccines with aluminum adjuvants, the greater their opportunity is of developing autism, autoimmune diseases and neurological problems later in life.” In that study, the researchers account that the rate of autism representation disorders increased along with the equal in ~ of pediatric vaccines that contain aluminum. The findings do not show that the vaccines caused the rates of autism to climb, and making that leap is scientifically unaccountable, said Michael Gardam, director of defilement prevention and control at the University Health Network in Toronto. Correlation does not ordinary causation, he said, adding that kids are likewise exposed to more junk food these days, further that does not mean it causes autism.  “This is really disturbing stuff,” Dr. Gardam reported. “I’m not saying it’s disturbing for people may … question vaccines.” He reported the problem for him is that the conclusions are misleading.  UBC declined some interview request on Wednesday. In one e-mail, Helen Burt, associate instead of-president research and international, said the school “holds dear the value of collegiate freedom that allows faculty to invite to contest any and all established conventions.”  David Juurlink, department of the division of clinical pharmacology and toxicology at Toronto’s Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, uttered the researchers appear convinced aluminum in vaccines is unsafe, even though the amounts are also small to have any ill furniture.  “The lines of argument used to support their various assertions are beyond measure thin, and in several instances, they inhale inferences from their data that not at all objective reader could possibly draw,” Dr. Juurlink reported in an e-mail.  In 2012, the World Health Organization singled out two studies conducted by the UBC researchers suggesting a join between aluminum in vaccines and autism and before-mentioned they provide no evidence of a causative link between vaccines and rising autism rates.  Numerous comrade-reviewed, high-quality studies have shown that vaccines are not linked to autism. Although they are not endanger-free, the incidence of adverse events linked to vaccination is undignified.  The studies were conducted ~ dint of. Christopher Shaw, a professor in the province of ophthalmology and visual sciences at UBC. Prof. Shaw, who is chair of the CMSRI’s scientific advisory plank , frequently collaborates with Lucija Tomljenovic, a speed-doctoral research fellow in the province.  Neither Prof. Shaw nor Ms. Tomljenovic agreed to a telephone interview. In an e-mail, Prof. Shaw uttered the WHO is “entitled to its opinion” only that “I don’t suffer that those who actually work in aluminum toxicity study would agree with their critiques.” He in addition compared the term “anti-vaccine” to a racial or ethnological slur. Oh, dear. Canadian universities should certainly countenance debate, but invoking “racial or pagan slurs” is not debate. 

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