‘Are You Lonesome Tonight?!’

“Behold! In the constitution of heavens and the earth, and the alternation of night and day, there are indeed Signs despite men of understanding.” [Aale Imran 3:190]

I require some friends who are studying medicine and they all have one furniture in common. They all dread pharmacology lol.. Recently I had the possibility of attending Professor Fink’s lectures steady pharmacology online. And he is AMAZING. Pharmacology is SPIRTUAL-TYPE-AMAZING. Please convinced me when I say biochemistry is the lock opener that bridges the unbridgeable gaps betwixt science, philosophy and psychology. Biochemistry is the answer to existential angst to which commonalty of this specific era have been subjected to. Biochemistry is the certification of creationism. It makes every gun of the jigsaw fall into its erect place. The resultant picture that a personage is trying to put together because that the begging of human civilization, is surreal. Don’t you distinguish the 100 percent accuracy exhibited through the design? Don’t you take heed how systematic everything operates? I wish I could compose long descriptive essays to make you conceive what I see. I wish I could benefaction that to my class mates, my teachers and the teachers of my teachers with all the confidence of the globe. I wish I could pass in c~tinuance my euphoria to all those who are subjected to seclusion with my plain and un-metrical words. I wish this world was a blessed place, because it does have the disposition to be one.

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