Alexander Fleming

Alexander Fleming

Alexander Fleming was a illustrious Biologist and a Pharmacologist(A scientist that studies pharmacology which is the science of drugs and in what state it works on the body) who discovered “Penicillin”, which is still one of the greatest medicine ever invented. Penicillin was made from a incontestable type of blue mold called Penicillium Genus


Alexander Fleming

Penicillium Genus

Alexander Fleming was born on the 6th of August 1881. He was born in Lochfield, Ayrshire, Scotland. He was the third part of the four children of the Flemings. He went to a indoctrinate called Loudoun Moor School. He earned a 2 year foundation for support to Kilmarnock Academy before he went to London. At London he attended the Royal Polytechnic etc.. After he worked in a Post Office with a view to four years, The  20 year thoughtful Fleming Inherited some money from their Uncle John Fleming. He’s  earlier born brother who was a physician suggested Alexander to esteem the same career because he could experience that he hates his job. So Alexander enrolled at St MAry’s Medical School in 1903. He Qualified by MBBS(Bachelor of medicine,Bachelor of surgery) step with a Distinction in 1906. Alexander Fleming was a Private in the London Scottish Regiment because a Volunteer force since 1900 and was likewise in the rifle club at Medical School. He became one assistant bacteriologist for Sir Almroth Wright, A pioneer Virus therapy and immunology. In 1908 he gained the gold medal during bacteriology. Alexander Fleming served throughout World War 1 taken in the character of the captain of the Royal Army Medical Corps. In 1918 he returned to St Mary’s Hospital, whither he  elected as the Professor of Bacteriology of London University in 1928.

Alexander Fleming “Accidentally” Discovered The wonder Drug Penicillin. He left a lamina of staphylococci( A type of Bacteria.) then he went on August Holiday. When he came back, he base some Fungus in the plate. Whenever staphylococci grew close by it, it got destroyed. He identified the form as Penicillium genus. The mould created a substantiality that destroyed the bacteria. After business it Mould Juice for a scarcely any months, He gave it the nominate “Penicillin”.

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