A Fun Family Event and Senior Citizens Benefit

By Max Wallack  
Puzzles to Remember

In Syracuse NY, pair churches got together for a pleasantry family day of puzzles, cards, and games.

Members and their families of the May Memorial Unitarian Universalist Society and the First Unitarian Universalist Society had a pleasantry day, and they also accomplished affair meaningful for many senior citizens.

They collected past 52 jigsaw puzzles and donated them to the Rosewood Heights Health Center.

Thank you! Many elder citizens will benefit from these puzzles!

Max Wallack is a student at Boston University and a Research Intern in the Molecular Psychiatry and Aging Laboratory in the Department of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics at Boston University School of Medicine.  His ample grandmother, Gertrude, suffered from Alzheimer’s indisposition. Max is the founder of  PUZZLES TO REMEMBER. PTR is a proposal that provides puzzles to nursing homes and veterans institutions that care by reason of Alzheimer’s and dementia patients.

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