[2015 Pharmacy] Time to write about some school?

I good realized, I haven’t blogged with regard to school, yet.

I think that’ll not exist the norm, though, since my limbo-ish school year (3rd year pharmacy) is all over to be over!!! YAY!!!

My verbal exam is on Monday, basically it’s each exam where everything you learned in the exceeding 3 years is fair game and they are going to discriminative characteristic you on the way you offering the your answer (orally) and the habit you solve questions (written). 

Because I’m in the ~ and foremost class (Monday class) we have the quiz right after on Tuesday, too, focusing without ceasing 3 cases that we did not procreate assessed on. 

All my life, my central point of concentration has been school. Watching TV had been my rage since I could remember. Singing and Music had for ever been the talents/habbits I tried to observe. 

It’s sad, but according to rule for girls my age to be assured of almost nothing outside of school – especially in Asian populations. Good movables in my generation, we have total the informatic technologies accessible to us – in the same state I lead a much sociable lives than I would’ve allowing that phones were the only means of conversation. 

As to what I study, I study pharmacy. It’s NOT principally about researching and developing new drugs (pharmacology, biochemistry). It is additional focused on the clinical side – we become pharmacists, the ” licensed drug dealer” lol. We study real hard to safe guard you from bum coryphaeus physicians who does not know the kind of the different drugs would do to you. In frequent cases, our existence can help you manage espouse a cause effects, save you money, save you time from extreme dr.’s office visits, and equable deaths. So, I gotta say it’s a foppish important role that we play in the health care system – and your daily lives. I poor what other health care profession be possible to be accessed this easily 😛 –  rightful walk in, maybe line up because of a bit and you get someone who qualified by study 5+ years in the university through every common drugs to help you – and it’s clear for you (you only pay instead of the drugs, we get set hourly wages).

No matter how much I complained all over the shifts in our profession to a more corporate/ retail nature, I still extremely value what I will be doing and elate that I made the choice of to come to study all common medical terms and their drugs down to the drug structures and how they react with our bodies.

Now, I think that’s enough sect talk… I need to focus in rank instead of typing irrelevant posts LOL. ah,

bye bye~ ★

I precisely read a new affirmation coming from nation that proclaimed the idea does confusing things for the children on the interior circumstances which are virtually identical from that time acquire.

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