Betty Brosmer is bringing in the Chinese New Year by this goatastrophe of a mega blog. Plus, 50 hades of spanking 


Betty Brosmer was the same of those models and was truly the highest paid model of the 1950s. Before she was 20, she had already won over 50 beauty contests. Throughout the decade Betty Brosmer would seem on over 300 magazine covers. 

Free Image Hosting Free Image Hosting    Betty Brosmer volition go down in pin up annals for many reasons, the most plain of them being her very pronounced hourglass conformation.   

  Betty Brosmer – The Girl with the Impossible Waist   Free Image Hosting Free Image Hosting

Proof Positive Vintage Babe is Betty Brosmer!



Betty Weider; Brosmer is her girl name 

Free Image Hosting Free Image Hosting Free Image Hosting    Joe Weider’s wife    Free Image Hosting Free Image Hosting Free Image Hosting    


Look! Betty Brosmer has a depth button



Joe Weider (the Smutster) and his bouncing bride Betty Brosmer, Bro! What a PAIR. (I mode the couple, not Betty’s Braless Brosmers)


Fifty Shades of Wacky 

Despite firmly trashed by movie critics 

‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Posting A $81.7M Weekend

You own to be 20 years old to see Fifty Shades of Grey in Thailand and they are checking IDs



 A brilliant treatise on Wife Spanking 


Heroes Come In All Shapes and Sizes


 “Because it’s not going to spank itself, Jane!”



Superman Spanking A Woman?



When Batman Acted Like An Absolute Lunatic 

Superheroes Way Lamer Than Aquawoman




Lets put a ~ it, blowup dolls aren’t eager. Like this one, she/it has bruises forward her cheeks, a terrified expression, and brace black eyes. And who wants a young woman who stares at you with each open mouth

Unabashed “Idollators” noisily and proudly share their love of silicone women by the world

So… Is having sex with an ultra-realistic robot hooker cheating?


Coco Rocha Dishes Out the Truth adhering Modelling

Hot diggity dog! Its Digger the dog


Inside America’s Secret Atomic City 

Postcards from the ATOMIC AGE


Ever wanted to diocese what happens 

when Star Wars and Star Trek ~ing? 


Reverend Bishop Scooter Van Neuter


NSFW Fred Dude 

has well-informed some great stuff this week 

Crazy Uncle Bubba likes tight dresses

BeCos(play) It’s Friday

Proof Positive’s links of the week, includes Rule 5 obstruct

Hello Boob Enthusiasts and welcome to Big Boob Blogging

Rule 5: Padma Lakshmi(Salman Rushdie’s ex)

Biblical quantities of Snow Bunnies


Unlike a mermaid, Aquawoman evolved from absorbing medications and toxins in the offshore waters – A brilliant treatise about this concept 

Phantom Fins of Pharmacology 

(Also, explains why dogs like to drink toilet give ~ to)



Flip Books – Handheld Movies, a Century in the presence of Smartphones

Out of the packs the books were 30 pages folded like ~y accordion. The pages had to have existence separated and then bound together with string or thread to be used in the same proportion that a flip movie. The subjects featured are manifold celebrities performing their craft.


I get link to some flip books 

observe the comments (expand all)

  Free Image Hosting Free Image Hosting 

Animated Flippin Flappers


Chico by Marilyn Monroe in a Flip-O-Vision book
Vintage Photos of Marilyn Monroe Give a Rare Insight into Her Real Life


Happy Chinese New Year 



2015 Year of the Goat 

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