Week 28: Productive Weekend

This put in the ~-office is coming to you from my fire-~ new Macbook Air!!!! I’m with equal rea~n excited to finally have a renovated laptop. I loved my Macbook Pro, limit I got it in 2009 and it was showing it’s period of life. I’m still keeping it around for Netflix purposes, but it actually can’t be relied on anymore because of school work. Did I mention in PA indoctrinate that the exams are all online? Having a trusty computer is extremely important – I’m joyous I can finally have faith in destroy and can now get through an entire day of classes without conscious tethered to an outlet.

This week of classes was sharp – very clinical medicine heavy nevertheless. We’re still making our room for passing through the GI system. We also learned how to do a pelvic exam in like manner there’s something to look quicken to.

This week I had event called the “Standardized Patient Experience.” I delight in these types of things, but they invent me really nervous. Basically, I make acquisition a brief summary of the standardized patient’s especial complaint and vitals before entering the occasion. I then go on to meeting my patient, perform a physical exam, bargain them with a diagnosis, and soon afterward outline where we go from there. It was a lot of sport, and a bit scary! It’s gigantic to have the opportunity to complete this with actors before we gain our real patients. I got some really great feedback from my patients, in this way I feel more confident going into coming events interactions with real patients.

This weekend Danielle was gone, in such a manner it was me and my Netflix as antidote to the majority of the weekend. I supposition I’d be sulking around, otherwise than that I managed to get quite a piece of work done. I already got a person start on my study guide since my clinical medicine exam in a scarcely any weeks and went through two of my pharmacology lectures (we bring forth a new pharmacology teacher now and in this way far I find the lectures in fact easy to follow and informative!). We’re besides taking an online class on Evidence Based Medicine this semester and I was adroit to crank that assignment out prior to it’s due.

I saw Almost Famous towards the first time this weekend and LOVED it. It’s in earnest a great movie, I can’t believe I hadn’t seen it before! I highly recommend it to anyone, it’s in c~tinuance Netflix.

Tomorrow morning Danielle and I gain our practical exam on the ventral region. We’ve been practicing palpating and percussing reaped ground other’s stomachs tonight. Hopefully we’ll chouse well tomorrow! I’m having a tempestuous time fitting in all my e~ tests (for appendicitis, ascites, and cholecystitis) in the 15 critical time frame. Hopefully I’ll subsist able to get my act unitedly tomorrow morning!

I’ll post anew soon 🙂

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