The 2014 Post

So not the same year has passed…

For some mind, to me it feels like 2014 has flown through way too fast. My overall sensation is that it was a admirable year, though at the top of my subject, I can’t recall any specific event that would more or smaller be the ‘mark’ of 2014. Let’s uncorrupt examine everything and make a wish, for tradition’s sake.


The in the beginning half of the year consist of  trifle too special, as I went to literary institution as usual. The two exam phases passed through with so-so results. The subjects of my share, like Pharmacology, were studied with a vast deal of enthusiasm and the exams delivered matching results. Other subjects that I raise less interesting, like Radiology or Surgery, of chase weren’t as well revised… I could’ve executed better on the exams for strong, but it’s nothing I’m reproaching myself in spite of too much. One interesting thing I’ve realized is that the to a greater degree clinical the subjects get, the greater degree of I’m certain that I wanna work in the internistic field later forward. Pediatrics is super cool too, especially Neonatology. But anything surgery-allied has yet to really pique my good. 😛

One funny obsession I’ve obtained this year is going to conferences. It started through my extra Pediatrics classes, where we were continuously sent to gatherings of the family. I love the very thoughts-inducing air there, the however small gain of attainments through speeches and discussions of acute minds (coz we as students in all probability only understand half of what the docs and researchers reply, but either way it’s one awesome feeling), and most of altogether, I love the FOOD. The fodder is the best part. They for aye offer so much delicious food as antidote to free. ♥_♥ Anyway, the German Pediatricians’ Conference in 2014 besides gave me the chance to join Dr. Hop, the Vietnamese doctor who organizes the volunteering operations in Danang by way of I really wanna join his team at the time the opportunity arises. 🙂 

The maintainer half of the year was fully dedicated to my dissertation thesis in inquiry. Well, no surprise there. Starting to moil in the lab is definitely an experience worth every while. For unit, it was a refreshing change of environment I plenteous needed in that part of my life. Then, it has in addition helped me come to an serious realization: I love reasearching, but I’m not researcher-essential. The way of acquiring knowledge through the methods of researching is a suspenseful, exciting street that I want to stick my course to. But directly sitting in the lab and doing the genuine work? Not my thing. It is method too time consuming for a somebody lacking the skill of accuracy (from here no Surgery for me either!) and indefatigableness like me. Also, the clinical be in action holds a part too huge of my devotion for me to be satisfied with just sticking to the lab. So that’s why I realized I should probably fold to the heart clinical trials, lol. Working in a university hospital is a must in Germany suppose that I wanna do research. And then when I reach some higher positions, I can lean back and do the thinking, while the actual work, I command be able to delegate to more employees. Wouldn’t that be renowned? haha 😛


Friends come and rollicking time. This is a realization that gets kinda repetitive each year. It’s always so skilled in witchcraft to think back one year, at at all time point, because I always esteem the feeling the ‘now’ and the ‘sooner or later’ are worlds worlds worlds apart. 2014 brought a division of changes. So who knows that which 2015 will bring? Especially now that I bring forth shifted to another semester? I elect just let life surprise me. The ones who care determination stay. The ones who don’t… well, they won’t in likelihood matter as much. So, I’ll take it unaffected. And I’m open to renovated relationships for sure. 🙂

Family, the merely constant in my life, stays in what place it is. The most up and downs in 2014 are probably all related to my puberty-ridden brother, moreover love conquers all, I believe they’re apothegm. So in a few years’ time, I’m positive we’ll just look back and cachinnate at it all. Oh, and my grandparents visited us during the summer. That was definitely a people of distinction highlight. 🙂

The matter of partnerships, being of the cl~s who I call it to distinguish this complaisant of love from the other, not not so much important kinds, stalls in my life during the time that ever. But it will be a story for another time…

Personal stuff, toward the lack of a better expression.

Basketball, I’m loving it. I’ve be converted into better than last year I divine, but there’s still a al~ more I can do. 😉

Travel, oh yeah. At the opening of 2014, I tried to not esteem any travelling plans as 2013 was even now so eventful, but now when looking back, I be possible to’t say that 2014 lacks hazardous enterprise times. I visited a friend in Dresden, wearied time in Strasbourg, went to Paris, drank wine in Rüdesheim, and had a rapid look at Berlin twice. So no, I certainly can’t complain.

I think that’s it. Gosh, I’m acquirement so tired of writing. I’ve been session in front of the PC for one and a half hour even now. T_T Let me just finish by my 2015 resolutions and maybe arrive back later to add some other 2014 events.

My 2015 resolutions

Read ten non-of the healing art, not obligatory uni-related books. (I got ~y ebook reader for Christmas!)

Cut downward on sugar consumption. (Less popcorn, less Nutella…)

Finish the Nails book by reason of mom and dad (hopefully in time by reason of next Christmas).

Create a rough mode of building for my dissertation thesis so that I have power to start writing afterwards.

One last hardihood I have to keep to myself. It’s a piece… personal. 😛 🙂

So yeah, let’s notice how it all works out. What did I recite last year? Something along the lines of… 

2015, attend it on? 🙂

Lacking of vitamin D is regular one aspect among other causes as being hair loss.

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