Life Lately 1.16.2015

The program I drudge for is ending in March (that is pretty much the worst whereas you absolutely love your job and your coworkers!), likewise I’ve been looking for a just discovered position the past few weeks. I started interviewing concerning a position in December, and this gone by Tuesday, I officially accepted a situation! I’ll be working at the American Society of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics (ASCPT), a nonprofit that publishes 3 contrary pharmacological journals. I’ll be approach on as the editorial coordinator ~ the sake of the office, which is a finish step from my current position at the Academies. I am actual excited to start in February!

Aaron and I renowned my job offer (and also famed the fact that an accident up~ the body a road near our apartment caused us to take each extra 20-minute detour on the route home) by ordering our first childbirth takeout. Of our entire marriage. I’m not kidding! It felt incredibly crazy to standing rule chinese food. Especially when it’s located actually 4 minutes from our apartment. HA! Basically we’re lovely at life.

In an effort to follow through with one of my resolutions, I signed up by reason of A Beautiful Mess’s DSLR Basics rank my parents gave me for Christmas! I be possible to’t wait to start learning entirely about the various manual settings up~ the body my Canon camera! Let 2015 exist the year of beautiful pictures.

Here are a scarcely any of my favorite links on the interwebs:

I loved this incidental event from Invisibilia that aired on This American Life this gone week called Batman. It’s a grand story about how a blind personage maintains his independence in a globe that tries to help too much. So fascinating.

I sure hope I didn’t utter any of these things in my work at ~s interview!

Definitely going to make more of these cookie envelopes! What a faultless way to share with neighbors aka not relish the entire batch yourself…

Soooooooo peanut butter cheesecake is a circumstance now. Yes. PLEASE!

Happy 3 sunshine weekend! 

I have read elsewhere that he has worked out a settlement with the Dems.

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