IMA warns docs

IMA warns docs in provision for hiring ayurveda, homoeopathy practitioners By Jyoti Shelar, Mumbai Mirror | Jan 3, 2015, 12.00 AM IST The Indian Medical Association (IMA) has issued directions to the 10,000 healthcare facilities and 2.5 lakh doctors it represents that it power of determination initiate action against those physicians and establishments base hiring homoeopaths and ayurveda practitioners to fulfil allopathic functions. According to a higher IMA functionary, the system of employing those adapted to prescribe traditional cures in hospitals and clinics that specialise in heteropathic healthcare has resulted in hundreds of medical negligence cases being filed against IMA members. The judgment to call for a ban was taken through IMA’s central council last week and has been communicated to totality its members. The notification stated, “Directions are conscious given to hospitals and doctors not to equip Ayush (Ayurveda, Yoga & Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homoeopathy) Doctors as Resident Medical Officers (RMO)/Assistant. Strong fable will be taken against those violating the directions”. IMA could abrogate the membership of a doctor or etc. found flouting this directive – outcasts bequeath lose the support of IMA in battling medico-~ized and malpractice cases. “It is a sincere and clear message to our doctors. No ayurveda or homeopathy practitioner should be hired as an assistant or in the same manner with an RMO in any allopathic of medicine set-up,” Dr KK Aggarwal, elder national vice-president of IMA told Mumbai Mirror. “Such cases gain only increased across the country in the exceeding few years which forced us to speak aloud for the blanket ban,” said Aggarwal. Such hiring practices are extensively existing primarily in government hospitals in pastoral areas, which retain the services of Ayush doctors owing to lack of qualified allopathic practitioners. Incidentally, the condition government recently passed a bill what one. allows those practicing ayurveda and homoeopathy to appoint allopathic cures upon completing a year-protracted bridge course called ‘Certificate Course in Modern Pharmacology’, that will be designed by Maharashtra University of Health Sciences (MUHS). “If a homoeopath or each ayurveda practitioner stops practicing his be in possession of stream, he is obviously degrading it. Even whether they do that course, our stand be inclined remain the same. As far considered in the state of the issue of shortage of doctors is concerned, the management should increase the number of medical seats instead of allowing this,” said Aggarwal, adding that doctors flouting these norms will loose their IMA registration. Many Indian courts be in actual possession of excoriated homeopaths and ayurveda practitioners in spite of prescribing allopathic medicines. In a 1996 put in a box of medical negligence, in which a homoeopath’s recipe of allopathic treatment to aman afflicted with typhoid resulted in the patient’s end of life, the Supreme Court, which adjudicated, uttered: “A doctor must not only have ~ing qualified but he must also subsist registered with the appropriate Medical Council in symmetry to practice as a doctor. A homeopath would not be favored with knowledge about allopathic medicines and its remedy reactions. So the mere administration of heteropathic treatment by a homeopath would be enough proof to establish negligence.” Senior observation surgeon Dr T P Lahane, a therapeutic professional of 32-years’ experience, and place of honor of the state-run JJ Hospital, was of the persuasion that allowing homeopaths or ayurveda practitioners to administer fresh medicine is extremely unjust. “If they be in actual possession of not learnt the science thoroughly and extensively, they cannot exist allowed to practice it so easily,” he before-mentioned. However, those Ayush doctors that are the mark of the IMA’s ire subject-matter out that they fulfil a having life need. “These modern medicine practitioners who are make so much noise should survey the hospitals and beware who is treating the poor in Primary Health Centres in rustic areas,” said Dr Bahubali Shah, administrator, Maharashtra Council of Homeopathy, adding there are over 60,000 homeopaths, 81,000 ayurveda practitioners in Maharashtra, because against 1.21 lakh allopathic doctors. “We are not truly asking for permission to practice heteropathy. We want to do it legitimately ~ means of doing the course.”

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