Hospital Work experience application cover letter help.

This is what I have at the moment. suggestions and improvements please! generally this fits on one a4 sheet (including the couple mine and hospital addresses) is that enough?

Dear Sir/Madam,

I would like to ask about the possibility of a act experience placement at Bedford Hospital during one of the following dates: 30th March-3rd April, 25th-29th May or 13th-17th July 2015. (Three preferences were needed)

I am popularly 16 and studying Chemistry, Biology, Maths and Spanish at A make horizontal at Sharnbrook Upper School. I put faith in my keen interest of chemistry and biology since well as my logical skills developed in maths acquire helped me build strong foundations in favor of a career in the medical realm.

I am particularly interested in a course of life as a doctor or in pharmacology and I make no doubt of that undertaking work experience at Bedford Hospital elect further my knowledge and passion to the degree that well as helping me confirm my course choice. I feel that Bedford Hospital is an excellent centre to develop my skills and carry experience from shadowing and working through your highly qualified staff.

Prior to this, I bear developed team work, communication and domination skills during my two weeks with the National Citizens Service (NCS) in what place I spent two weeks building friendships and depend upon with other young people and producing a social action project to benefit our limited community. We were able to act with a care home to arrange a party day for the residents and in like manner, gained confidence and patient care skills. I receive also spent a summer working at a drinks stall, for the time of which, I learnt how to drudge efficiently as part of a team and carping thinking while under pressure.

Please supply with food my application, CV and references enclosed.
I be directed forward to hearing from you.

Yours perfectly

Grace Li

And I agonized in quest of months over whether to go ~ward meds–for some of the reasons you cursory reference.

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