First Edition: The Interview. “Money is also Important (laughs)”

 Oguntayo Fisayo is a Student of the College of Medicine, University of Lagos Studying pharmacology .

 He’s a appearance designer(MD/CEO Demoriah Couture)  and the Youth mobilisation Officer Of GALAXY4PEACE (nonprofit juvenility-led organization founded in 2011) . 

He is well known during the term of his philanthropic act and his uncommon Fashion ideas and i met with him for a brief interview.

 Lets Get to Know Fisayo! 

Q: Hii, How are you doing?

 A : Hello, I’m awesome, acknowledgments .

 Q : Please tell us surrounding yourself?

 A : Well, my part is Fisayo ; I’m a therapeutical student at the College of Medicine, Unilag. I’m a fashionista . I’m originally from osun commonwealth, the second of four children and I’m a Christian.

 Q : How and at the time did you start Fashion designing 

 A : I hold been on it for a lingering time but officially started 2 years ~ne.

 Q : Is it all affair for you or you do Love what you do?

 A : Well, I continually say You can’t do conformation if you don’t have the anger for it. Creativity and innovation is explanation and necessary for fashion designing mete the business part is necessary oh. Money is besides important (laughs)

Q: Do you soul sharing how exactly it all started? 

A: . It every one of started when people comment on each ouutfit I put on, so I would subsist paid to buy that same emblem for them! I then sat and idea of producing  and making my allow designs!

 Q : How do you cope through Medical School and Your Line of Work?

 A : Like i uttered , passion makes it easy. When you enjoy what you do so much that it doesn’t handle like work. On the other dexterity too, planning, time management and devotion has been the Factors God has given me and I rate him

Q : So tell us a small more about the ladies? Am as~d you receive attention as well

A : Well the Ladies are Very Important and Wonderful lower classes. There is this popular saying that “behind every successful man Is a Woman” limit one has to be very concerned with them because understanding them takes a life time.

Q : So are u forthwith in a relationship?

A : (laughs) Yes I am commonly in a relationship with someone e~ #NameUndisclosed

 Q : Who/What Inspires you? 

 A : My parents, God and my friends fill me alot. I also take inhalation and ideas from everything around me. From creator and people i meet everyday 

 Q : What are your Plans beneficial to “demoriah couture” after Your Bsc degree which will be concluded in a small in number months? 

 A : Demoriah couture was founded by the intention of being the Fastest rebellion fashion house having her branches over all universities in Nigeria, so definitely we determine have our clients and distributors  in Lagos State University, University of Lagos, Redeemer’s Univeraity, Babcock University, Convenant University and other Nigerian  Universities . And wholly efforts towards archiving this isn’t Ignored.

Q : Hmm… That’s attractive! I wish you the best.

Thank you remarkably much for allowing an interview by you. Am sure my readers would be pleased.

A :  Thanks. It’s a wish.

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Add Fisayo adhering bbm: 28F4146F


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