Challenges in Special Care Dentistry: IV Sedation

special needs patient

Here is each interesting article illuminating the challenges on the side of dentists who treat special needs patients.

In these tough, nevertheless important cases, use of IV sedation is a important tool, as Dr. Foleck is conscious. In the right hands it is with reason safe and effective.  However, it requires filled knowledge of the medical history and pharmacology of special needs patients in order to suited the high imperatives in these cases.  At periods this may be difficult to be received, but must be available for reconsider by the clinical staff and in favor of appropriate case selection.

To me, this hammers home the consequence of a system that helps the dental surgeon ascertain the medical history, pharmacology, and alacrity for care of each patient. Otherwise, the exception for dentists like Dr. Foleck and myself who put to use IV sedation in our practice are extremely precipitous.

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