Oge Emerges UBEMSA Queen

AS readily as the seven contestants made their highest appearance on stage,
many predicted a tough strive to carry. But on a closer look, those with eyes
for beauty narrowed the contest to some very outstanding
contenders. Indeed, their mutual transference made a lot of sense and if you
were neck deep into the avocation of ‘women’, hardly will you struggle to defend
their permutation. Notwithstanding, the judges evermore have the final

Hosted ~ means of the University of Benin Medical Students Association
(UBEMSA), the grace pageant, which was held last week at the
multipurpose manor-house of the Women’s Health and Action Research Centre
(WHARC), Benin City started at what time the seven contestants appeared in
orally transmitted outfit. As the girls steeped disclosed in their outfits, their
carriage attracted applause from the audience. The judges took note as the
audience cheered them.

Indeed, the traditive attire was a true celebration of the Nigerian
form and style. From the fabulous Igbo outfit to gorgeous Yoruba
attire, original Hausa-Fulani fabric and traditional Rivers and Edo
equip, it was a rich display of Nigerian cultivation.

Though, the girls were totality smiles as they made their interval on stage,
some of them were obviously not grateful in their outfit.

Imagine which an Igbo lady dressed in Hausa-Fulani dress looked like.
Be that in the manner that it may, it was a upright introduction to the cultural
divergence of Nigeria.

Thereafter, they appeared in fortuitous dressing and dinner gowns
The contestants were assessed based up~ their mode of dressing, history
of some Nigerian ethnic group, current affairs and of plato questions.
They were also asked to betray the audience why they want to succeed the
crown and finally told to move to music before the audience.

Done by the parade, awards were presented to lecturers and students
by outstanding performance in the college of Medicine. Dr. V. Adams
of Community Medicine department, Dr. C. Annoye of Medical
Biochemistry and Prof. Ray Ozolua of Clinical Pharmacology and
Therapeutics departments were given awards as best lecturers.

Pius Ojemolon was awarded the ut~ outstanding medical student by the
National Vice president (External Affairs), Louis Aikorioge got ~y
award of the Nigerian Medical Students Association (NiMSA) in spite of
breaking a 16-year attestation of having distinctions in the third
professional Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) in
Pathology and Clinical Pharmacology held earlier this year in the
literary institution.

Welcoming participants, Samuel Nwaobi, President of UBEMSA established that
the event was part of activities to mark the coterie‘s 28th health

“Many population consider medical students to be over preoccupied with
books and not take space for fun. We deemed it paroxysm to create time out
of our occupy schedule to hold this dinner. We included a loveliness pageant
to harness the seemliness in our students and show to the terraqueous globe that
beyond the big textbooks we comprehend, we are multi talented.”

Contestant No 3 (Agatha Odamen) emerged 2nd racer up winning a
microwave, contestant No 7 (Ifueko Uhunwango) the 1st courier went home
with a Q10 blackberry, as long as contestant No 1 (Oge Nwokoye) emerged the

The 19 year-~-fashioned Oge is a 300 level student of Medicine and Surgery.
Aside from the LG shallow screen plasma television, she got she determine
represent the School of Medicine at the Miss University of Benin
(UNIBEN) and the Miss NiMSA beautiful trait pageant.

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