Unfortunately I be obliged not been able to post anything lately. I am on my gap year at the trice and have been busy with drudge and sorting out my application during the term of next year. Since my last hurry I have done another week at WHF in Smarden which I really enjoyed as it was the part week. This meant that there were lots of self-seeking people to talk to about great cats and the essential work that WHF are doing to confection both their habitats and each description.

I have recently become a catalogue more interested in pharmacology and I esteem it is a field that I self-reliance pursue further though unusually today I am going to have ~ing writing about physics. I recently understand an article about the “Schrodinger’s Cat” absurdity which I found puzzling at in the ~ place but now I understand the ground of the paradox, even though the illustrious quote that anyone who says they see quantum physics doesn’t comes to intention as I write this!

The base of the experiment is that in that place is a sealed box that a cat is placed in together with a radioactive substance, a Geiger counted and a grovelling of poison. As soon as the Geiger calculator detects radiation it causes the low to break and release the vitiate into the box and so the cat decree die. This demonstrates the flaws of the “Copenhagen sense” (a particle exists in all states at once until it is observed (superposition of states)). This expedient that the radioactive substance can be obliged simultaneously decayed and not decayed in the box and consequently, the cat is both alive and dead in the box till it is opened and the issue is seen.

This experiment is hypothetical being of the kind which it was used by Erwin Schrodinger to illustrate the flaws of the “Copenhagen exposition”, obviously common sense tells us that the cat is dead or lively even if it hasn’t been observed. There bear been people who have argued that at the time that the box is opened the looker-on and the cat are split into two realities, one where the cat is live and the other where the cat is dead.

I put faith in this is a very interesting seeming contradiction because firstly, it identifies the flaws of quantum natural philosophy when using a larger that of atoms scale. It also made me review the basis of quantum physics being of the kind which clearly there must be some manner that quantum theory and general relativity is joined. Some believe that some form of quantum sedateness is what matches them together only I guess we’ll need to wait in quest of some conclusive data before quantum weight is used as the basis of science of nature.

Another area of physics that has got me reflection recently is both dark energy and cloudy matter. From what we can make out at the moment, dark matter and want of light energy can’t be seen ~forward they’re called dark though in that place is evidence to suggest their continuance.

Dark matter is the hypothetical mind accounting for the gravitational effects that open to be the result of some sort of invisible mass. It may have ~ing invisible but it appears to own a gravitational effect on visible substance and the structure of the whole creation. The evidence that I understand since dark matter is that by looking at clusters of galaxies and their centripetal force. In 1933 Fritz Zwicky estimated a clusters sum ~ mass based on the motions of galaxies proximate the edge of the cluster and compared the appreciate to one based on the digit of galaxies and total brightness of the collection. He discovered that there was stingily 400 times more estimated mass than he initially observed. The heaviness of the visible galaxies in the collection would be far too small towards such fast orbits so more mass was required, from this time dark matter.

Dark matter is a hypothetical cast of energy that is used to try and elucidate the accelerating expansion of the nature. The universe has been expanding for aye since the initiation of the universe as we know it. Shortly afterward the Big Bang inflation occurred. This is at which place the universe rapidly expanded between 10-36 and 10-32 seconds (proven ~ the agency of the discoveries of the BICEP spyglass), following this period the universe continued to distend but at a less accelerated cost. However you’d think due to the furniture of gravity the expansion of the world would be slowing down. Though from fresh studies the rate of expansion is actually increases which raises the question of that which is causing this acceleration. This is notion to be the work of horrible energy though as it is incapable of being seen like dark matter, it is uncompliant to prove its existence.

According to the test model of cosmology, on a mass-energy equivalence base, the observable universe contains 26.8% ~some matter, 68.3% dark energy and honorable 4.9% ordinary matter. When I heard this it made me instantly deem, what is dark matter and transcendental energy? The answer, as it turns lacking, is no one knows, yet!

Finally I adage this picture today and it made me contrive so I thought I’d clap it in at the end likewise though it’s kind of unrelated.

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