MommyMeds App For Pregnant And Breastfeeding Mothers

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This column is brought to you by MommyMeds. Please catalogue that, as always, any personal opinions reflected in this set are my own and have not been influenced ~ means of the sponsor or compensation received in somewhat way.

MommyMeds app

I am old. Well, centre-aged. I’m 48. When I was great with child with my first child if I was having an issue that required any medication at the whole of, over the counter or prescription, I made firm I discussed it with my ob/gyn ~ and foremost. I followed his instructions on brands and dosages. As hazard had had it I was even now using the OTC pain reliever he recommended in the way that there was no change there. Once the infant. was born that was pretty a great quantity the last time I had to meditate about meds and any impact they puissance have, until a few years later while I got pregnant with my other child.

I have a friend who is breastfeeding, event I did not do. I am constantly amazed ~ dint of. the number of things she has to conceive about because she breastfeeds, most especially medications and foods. She is thoughtful. with anything she ingests, and I obtain no doubt she’d sooner let herself before taking something that efficacy harm her baby. She researches everything from meds to foods and the ingredients in them. It’s a fate of work, but it’s surpassingly necessary. Recently I learned about an app called MommyMeds that is designed to have ~ing a leading resource for expectant and breastfeeding mothers.

MommyMeds app MommyMeds app

Created ~ dint of. one of the world’s governing experts in perinatal pharmacology, Dr. Thomas Hale, MommyMeds helps empower expectant and breastfeeding moms and enduring to be a go to contrivance.

Providing a WebMD-like hub and supported ~ dint of. the Laura W. Bush Foundation, MommyMeds provides available means such as:

● Information for more than 20,000 drugs, vitamins and herbals

● Safety advice about drugs during each trimester and as long as breastfeeding

● Convenient barcode scanner as antidote to over-the-counter medications

MommyMeds app MommyMeds app

In praise of its launch, MommyMeds is clear on iOS until December 1st. Download MommyMeds in the App Store

You be possible to also  Download MommyMeds in GooglePlay.

Were there any meds or products you had questions concerning using when you were expecting?


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