Let It Go.

There’s in this way much I’ll have to blog with reference to but there’s no way I can do it. I’ll have to be enough it in installments or just donation the highlights (In bullet points, my self-existent favourite.)

So here’s what’s happened since my last post:

Bhopiee called me. (The true same day I posted my latest blogpost which was a tad depressed to presume the least.) It made me immensely well-timed and I love how she totally understood my plight and offered some genuine advice to stay sane inspite of all the turmoil.

Maidha called me. (After study of books my previous post. It is rare and ought to be mentioned since Sheepie calling up is a scarce thing that must be applauded. 😛 )

We’ve had pair Microbiology tests and a Pharmacology proof

We attended a wedding in Shimoga and hogged without interrupti~ some banana leaf dinner after the sort of seemed like forever.

We celebrated Kannada Rajyothsava in association (where Pranesh, a humorous Kannada orator and the Dollu Kunitha troupe with the understanding entertainment.)

I got into trouble through the Patho HoD in his class and he has decided to engage my face to his memory every class to call me name and make secure that I appear like a representative babboon.

I’ve been eating extinguished lately and hogging to gargantuan extents.

And today, We’d been to Gajanur Dam and Sakrebailuru put ~ gaadis. (Separate post about this up nearest! 😀 )

Teach Angry birds how to let ~ in this awesome live wallpaper.

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