Thanksgiving tear asunder has finally arrived. I’ve insipid run out of energy for the semester, yet, I don’t get to take a enervate from my studies, for when I return from break, I have my math last Monday (scream) and my pharmacology ultimate Thursday (yelp).

This week was exceedingly non-eventful school wise. We well-informed how to give intramuscular and subcutaneous injections. True circumstance: The gluteus maximus is no longer the preferred locality for deep muscle injections. Apparently, also many folks were inadvertently hitting the of the hip nerve (youch!) So now, we accord. these intramuscular injections….wait for it… betwixt the anterior superior iliac spine and the iliac armorial bearings.

We had a fundamentals of nursing exam forward Monday, that I thought went fine well, but apparently this was a tough exam, and I accepted a B. Better, compared to more of my classmates who failed or got C’s. Surprisingly, I excepting that minded a little bit. I subdue have an overall A in the class, and I only have the conclusive left. The final that’s merit 200 points. I could still horsemanship to pull off an A.

Last week, I wrote with regard to the desire to have a actually being life conversation with someone. Well, it occured to me that it’s okay to grasp out to people and ask them to depend out. (I have this deep full-grown fear of rejection, hence why I not often ask anyone to do anything through me. Lame, I know.) Anyway, I reached lacking to a friend Monday night, and it turned at a loss to be a really enjoyable fall of day. He treated me to dinner, that at this point is life thrifty, being that I have very brief money, and then we watched football, and chatted. It was enough for this little nursing student to have the consciousness of being human again. I did the like thing with another friend Wednesday, and steady enough; it was uplifting.

My roommate came home in season Wednesday evening and told me she thinks I apply too much time in my chance, and she’ll start calling me Rapunzel from at that time on. It’s simply where I study good in the highest degree. Besides, I’m fatigued almost the whole of the time, and my joint agony is slowly returning. I go in what place I’m comfortable.

Pretty boring record for this week. Until next time.

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