Flu vaccine suspended in Italy is not marketed … – Why doctor?

The Italian persons cited as vouchers suspend a vaccine against influenza. Manufactured by the Swiss company Novartis, he is suspected of having caused the exit of three elderly people and sickened a fourth. Two batches of Fluad vaccine not marketed in France were pendulous by the Italian Pharmacology Agency (AIFA), according to the preservative principle.

Two women from 79 to 87 years, and a living soul of 68 years, died shortly subsequent to being vaccinated against seasonal flu. As a provision, the IAAF decided to suspend the exercise of two batches of Fluad vaccine. In a narrative, Novartis reported having examined the products in point, which comply with the standards of produce and quality.

L Italian Pharmacology Agency moreover demonstrated measurement “Adverse reactions take been reported following administration of the vaccine (…) ~-end for now, we’re not as~d whether it is a coincidence or whether in that place is a link with vaccination, “she says steady its website.

The AIFA emphasized the importance of getting vaccinated against influenza. “Vaccines are a of great value and irreplaceable resource in the hindrance of seasonal influenza and its complications,” declared the agency.
In France, no intuitional faculty to panic, but the message is also applicable. Indeed, each year, seasonal flu is 1500 and 2000 victims. A spot that could be avoided, especially after the vaccine is covered for the masses at risk (elderly, pregnant women, chronically badly …).


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