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EnterovirusThe enterovirus that is causing temporary respiratory distress in young children has been labeled EV-D68. This careful strain surfaces each year but this year it made public attention because in two areas in the United States, Illinois and Kansas in that place were 30 confirmed cases of EV-D68 in hospitals, everything in the Intensive Care Unit between August and September. The virus affects the airways especially in children at the same time that adults have been exposed to it in the gone and developed antibodies to the poison already. There have been just upward of 1000 positive cultures (out of 2000) in such a manner far with significantly lower incidences in the month of November.

Symptoms of EV D68 are fever, cough, runny nose and muscle aches. If it progresses symptoms leave be shortness of breath and wheezing. Just like the flu, this virus is spread through coughing or sternutation. There is not a vaccine or immunization because this type of virus. If you suppose that you or your child is having symptoms of EV D68 convene your doctor immediately. If you or your babe is unable to catch your exhalation go directly to the hospital.

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The healthier we are, the less often we will get sick. If in that place was just one supplement I could commit to strengthen our immune response it is to practice Vitamin D3. D3 is a hormone not a vitamin for a like rea~n there is absolutely no reason to worry near toxicity.

So many doctors say the same old thing that was proven violation of right 14 years ago – the knee twitch words – “Vitamin D is toxic.” The mean proportion dose my patients are on is 10,000 U. My goal is to influence a blood level around 100. The merely people that may need to endure levels lower, around 50, are people who have a predisposition to kidney stones.

Not every part of D3 supplements provide the dosage that is suggested forward the label. The only way to be assured of if your product is good or that you are absorbing it well is to be favored with your labs tested. If you are up~ the body 10,000U and your blood levels are ~ amount than 50, change products. There are a weighty number of people that come to descry me that are already on a con~ation of D3 and have blood levels that are degrade than 30! They thought they were doing the suitable thing but their product was fair not cutting it. Once we be transformed into actively sick our need for D3 intake goes up dramatically. At the cessation of this writing I’ve listed individual pieces of literature about D3 and the Immune regularity and these articles are just the tip of the iceberg. We be assured of so much and yet it is used in such a manner little.

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There are other supplements that you can take to support your immune universe like zinc, Vitamin C and immune globulins like in our Immune Booster Powder or Capsules. The talent of Vitamin or Oxygen IV therapy to handle infections is greater than anything you be possible to take by mouth. This IV takes about 1.5 hours and is absolutely cytotoxic (kills) viruses. It may take further than one IV but it is exceedingly effective. A Magnesium IV push acts being of the kind which a strong airway opener. If there is any wheezing or shortness of ~ of life a magnesium push will bronchodilates (enlarge the bronchial tubes) making breathing is else effortless.

Another IV that helps you recover your strength and recover more immediately is called Ozone therapy. This IV increases your forte to fight, like a huge boost to your even now strong immune system. If you acquire an overall weak immune system the dose of Ozone has to be smaller otherwise than that the frequency of IV’s decision be greater as the immune theory will need time to rebuild.


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dr_ramsey_4_15-13_cropDr. Theresa Ramsey is a practicing cure, speaker, lifestyle expert, author of the most profitably selling book, Healing 101: A Guide to Creating the Foundation notwithstanding Complete Wellness & a weekly visitant expert on Arizona’s top daybreak show, Your Life A to Z, considered in the state of their Medical Expert since 2007. Selected in the manner that a BHRT expert, Dr. Ramsey is a spokesperson and provider for Suzanne Somers’ Forever Health, Bio-Identical Hormones and Wellness. Dr. Ramsey has been nominated Phoenix Magazine’s Top Doc brace years in a row and freshly selected as an eHow.com freedom from disease expert and nominated as the Natural Choice Award attractive Naturopathic Physician, Women’s Health Specialist and Best Holistic M.D. in 2012 and 2013. She elegantly bridges the breach between Allopathic & Naturopathic medicine. She is a nationally recognized presiding officer educating patients & physicians on the tongue of wellness and root causes to disease & dis-ease.


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