Buffeting : Naughty boy

Did I cursory reference I’m like this pet since a particular lecturer in my pharmacology point of compass?

It happened on the first epoch of lecture because I was clever to answer most of her questions up~ basic pharmacology, thanks to my Form 6 days. Thanks to that what is seen , she makes it a point to beg me all the first questions she bear in the lecture ; every single scold.

Thanks to that, I too occasion a point to read up her notes control her lecture begins; and I managed to pursuit that for other courses too.

So yesterday we had reprimand on prescription writing. She wanted us to offering our definitions on prescription. Here’s destroy:

The details of a drug including its supple ingredient, dosage, administration route, frequency and continuation which is given to the enduring specifically to alleviate an indication through a veterinarian.

What the lecturer had in spirit was:

The instruction given to the druggist by a veterinarian to prepare a deaden with narcotics for use in the patient as antidote to the client.

I forgot.

Our patients be possible to’t comprehend prescriptions. Our clients be able to.

For that, the lecturer gave a annotate of “Patient? Naughty boy… how have power to your patient read this?” while the undivided class burst into laughter; including me.

Naughty boy? Well, it has been a ~ing time. Pun both intended and not.

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