Blessin’ and Lessons

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I feel like it’s been everlastingly since I’ve posted, but I’m happy to be back.  Today is the first day of my second term of med gymnasium, and I just want to make acknowledgments to everyone for their prayers and well wishes!  Finals were abundant better than expected, and last week I had a a great quantity needed break.  I got to be consumed some time with family, go without ceasing a few dates with J, and reasonable rest!  I also spent a not many days in New York where I got to look another Broadway show and meet Sherri Shepherd—else on this coming soon!

It’s farcical how this time last year I attempted to take on the massive undertaking of cooking Thanksgiving dinner toward my entire family.  I was laboring full time, but with the additional time I did have cooking became besides another outlet.  I had all these ideas for Thanksgiving decor and recipes, bound things didn’t turn out similar to expected.  Luckily they turned lacking much better with a few of the seasoned Thanksgiving chefs teaching and helping me along the device.  It’s amazing how a great deal of things can change in one year.  Last year I was acquired knowledge to bloom where I was planted, praying and expectation for an interview, rediscovering old outlets.  This year, I’m scholarship about pharmacology.  Either way, I be possible to’t be more thankful for entirely of the lessons and blessings I’ve experienced along the way.

Being that I consider classes up to and including the appointed time before Thanksgiving, I’ll be eating and studying more than I’m fabrication.  I’ve definitely learned that each second counts, and having the extremity of the week off is the excellent opportunity to catch up on three days of momentous; however, I wouldn’t be myself suppose that I didn’t find some plan of conduct to add my own special taste.  Here’s some simple besides elegant and I bet tasty ideas you have power to whip up last minute to produce a little something extra to your Thanksgiving plain.  Shout out to the people who came up with these ideas, my inspirations.  It’s portentous what you can do with a cookie cutter and a contemptible extra dough!


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I hope you the whole of have a relaxing, blessed, and refined Thanksgiving!  Thank you for the whole of of your support and for interpretation and following along!  

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Any continue minute tips and tricks?  Quick and single-minded recipes?  I’d love to perceive by the ear them!   

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