Acupuncture may cure baby colic, says criticised study

PARIS: Swedish researchers reported yesterday acupuncture “appears to overpower crying” in babies suffering from intestinal cramp.But their work was criticised by colleagues in the medical field, through one calling the study methodology ‘appalling’.A duo from the Lund University’s physic faculty tested the traditional Chinese needle-piercing remedy in a trial involving not remotely 150 babies between two and eight weeks crafty.They reported their results in the magazine Acupuncture in Read more [...]

Vlooienmarkt Hoogwoud

Abbekerk, Andijk, Avenhorn, Benningbroek, Berkhout, Blokker, Bovenkarspel, De Goorn, De Weere, Enkhuizen, Grootebroek, Grosthuizen, Hauwert, Hem, Hensbroek, Hoogkarspel, Hoogwoud, Hoorn, Lutjebroek, Medemblik, Nibbixwoud, Obdam, Onderdijk, Oosterblokker, Oosterleek, Opmeer, Oudendijk, Spanbroek, Ursem, Venhuizen, Wervershoof, Westwoud, Wognum, Zwaag, Aartswoud, Lambertschaag, Midwoud, Oostwoud, Opperdoes, Scharwoude, Schellinkhout, Sijbekarspel, Spierdijk, Twisk, Wadway, Wijdenes, Zuidermeer, Zwaagdijk, Read more [...]

Best Pathophysiology Book

0 I am planning in c~tinuance going back to school for FNP in 3 years. I be favored with been working in nursing administration in LTC as being 2 years and would like to advance ahead and start brushing up up~ the body pathophysiology and pharmacology. Does anyone wish any suggestions on a good pathophysiology book? I’ve been looking on Amazon and principally do not have favorable reviews.

Maybe it’s in the end going to get the coverage it deserves.

It’s Not Exactly “Turn On Tune In and Drop Out”

If you were one adult living in the early 60’s, you would be in actual possession of known immediately what was being referred to in this name. These were the words of Timothy Leary, Ph.D. (Berkley). Dr. Leary was the fare-to guru of the psychedelic actual trial. Leary had solid and stirring academic credentials. He was part of the Psilocybin Project at Harvard University. This intend was designed to investigate the value of psychedelics, especially LSD, in psychiatric and other mental health Read more [...]

Pharmacology or psychology… or both?

<!-- Before Header --> <!-- After Header --><!-- !manic header--> I wish to do a sciency degree at uni only I'm split between either pharmacology or psychology. I understand that they are very different on the contrary I think I'd enjoy to achieve both. Would it be best to behave a natsci course specialising in them, or cook a conversion course? Are there a single one other options?    Write a reply… ReplySubmit replicationRegisterThanks for posting! You honorable need to Read more [...]

The Atlantic’s Crap Article On Women Using Mirena Birth Control

« Previous | HomeThe Atlantic's Crap Article On Women Using Mirena Birth ControlEssayist Alana Massey has a scrap in The Atlantic with the URL showing up through the text, "Getting Rid of Women's Periods by Birth Control is Perfectly Safe" (penetrate top of your browser for that put inside). Massey decides this based on commodiousness and talking to a few ob/gyns -- individual of whom is a prof:"There is not at all medical reason why a woman has to menstruate each month," said Alyssa Dweck, an Read more [...]

Studying pharmacology at uni and working at hospital ? Chance ?

<!-- Before Header --> <!-- After Header --><!-- !manic header--> If you were studying pharmacology at uni accomplish you think there is a transcendental chance of you working at a hospital ?    Write a reply… ReplySubmit answerRegisterThanks for posting! You reasonable need to create an account in sequence to submit the post Already a portion? Sign inOops, something wasn't not oblique please check the following:Sign inNot got every account? Sign up nowUpdated: January 14, Read more [...]

FDA Issues Newest Guidance Regarding Biosimilar Application Process

By Kevin E. Noonan --On December 29, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration released its latest Guidance concerning Industry relating to the biosimilar assiduity process set forth in the Biologic Price Competition and Innovation Act of 2009 (BCPCIA).  This Guidance, entitled Clinical Pharmacology Data to Support a Demonstration of Biosimilarity to a Reference Product, is directed to products with regard to which "pharmacokinetic (PK) and pharmacodynamic (PD) premises are needed to support a demonstration Read more [...]

Day of the Zulu: A Review.

The British force suffered one of its worst defeats at Isandlawana in 1879 at the hands of the Zulu population.  "Secrets of the Dead" is all a~-term documentary/drama series aired attached PBS (Public Broadcasting System).  The line attempts to re-examine a multiplicity of famous cases from history, ranging from historical events and mysteries to prehistorical events.  In this particular occurrence, Secrets of the Dead re-examines the British conquer at Isandlawana by the Zulu in 1879.  The Read more [...]

Like A Fish Needs A Bicycle ~ AngryHarry

A woman indispensably a man like a fish indispensably a bicycle.“A woman needs a man like a fish of necessity a bicycle.”Or so we were told ~ the agency of Irina Dunn – an Australian feminist activist – and ~ means of Gloria Steinem, who popularised the relation..Oh really?Hmm. Let’s visit now.Let us investigate the quantity.It is men who have produced the greatest works in all of the arts – literature, poetry, music, paintings, sculptures, films, plays, science etc. …It is men who Read more [...]