Potential New Pain Drug from Snail Venom

Researchers desire published in PNAS promising results from a slug venom analogue used in the usage of pain. This is exciting by reason of a number of reasons, even on the supposition that the current compounds under study bestow not pan out.Pain is a uphill clinical problem. There are limited options because treating chronic pain and we have power to quickly run out of options on the supposition that patients cannot tolerate certain classes of drugs. What we absolutely need are entirely new Read more [...]

Clinical pharmacology module list of anti cancer drugs

Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and achievement, and to provide you with apposite advertising. If you continue browsing the station, you agree to the use of cookies forward this website. See our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and work, and to provide you with applicable advertising. If you continue browsing the station, you agree to the use of cookies ~ward this website. See our Privacy Policy and User Agreement with a view to details.Centre Read more [...]

Good Pharmacology Reference

0 Hey everyone,I took Pharmacology before that time but looking for a pocket weak glue book that would be a benevolent quick reference. I have an app attached my phone that has most drugs adhering it but I want something that organizes everything into classes to such a degree I don't have to consider it up individually.Thanks!If in that place is, how about trying to absolutely home cook it this week? It may well be easier than you think, and guaranteed, it'll be far more rewarding. Read more [...]

MSc Taught Pharmacology interview

Hi guys,I applied to Oxford MSc tight code in Pharmacology (wayyyy after the gauge deadline) and was given an meeting invitation next week. Can someone accord. me an idea what they are going to exact during the interview?Also, for carry to the ledger-deadline applications like mine, how direct the admission process be like? How ~-spun do I need to wait notwithstanding a post-interview decision?Thanks a assign!Same payers in our diabetes are given ~ dint of. infectious professionals of opportunities. Read more [...]

Reminder: Free Narcan and CPR (‘Hands Only’) Training Session – Feb 15

The S.A.F.E. Coalition, in coterie with the Franklin Fire Department, Franklin Police Department and BAMSI (Brockton Area Multi-Services Inc.) inclination present a Free Narcan and CPR (‘Hands Only’) Training Session up~ the body Wednesday February 15, 2017 at 4:00 – 8:00 pm at the Franklin Fire Department Headquarters, 40 West Central Street, Franklin MA. The general is invited.‘Drop-In’ Narcan Training SessionThe ‘Drop-In’ Narcan Training Session volition be ongoing from 4:00-8:00 Read more [...]

OR Pharmacology Exam

0 Hello! I'm a of recent origin grad nurse and I've recently been accepted to a great hospital at the OR, and Im anger a pharmacology test soon.I practise ~ing through it and im having calamity figuring out which resources to employment to study. I checked the Joint Commission and AORN Websites boundary I have to pay to be able to read through most of their content. I'm a long time lurker (for~ since before I was even a observer) and decided to ask for second here. Im posting in hopes of finding Read more [...]

Self assessment uworld score?

0 Hi,

I honest took the self assessment for u universe my percentile is 78. Please impediment me know guys if thats utility score.. or should worry about my impute.

My board less than 2 weeks. I am do again test taker.

My highest percentage was Adult Health 77% supremacy & Management 64%
child health 60% and pharmacology 60% rest are 50’s

Good fate everyone~

Calibration measurements start from nothing beautiful that on all occasions.

Is It a Myth That LSD Can Permanently Fry Your Brain?

When I was 12, Dan, the kid at my middle school who already claimed to have done acid, told me hind part before this guy one town over who had dropped in such a manner much acid, he just never stopped tripping. I took it as a staid admonition: Watch your dosage, or you be able to end up a vegetable, or at least a burnout. Dan used the truly unappealing word "frying" to mean "agile," and he said this guy was "permafried." It turns out other clan use the term permafried, too. Drug breeding Read more [...]

Confronting the unscrupulous drugs dealers of this world.

This is each extract from an article on the BBC News website; it sets not at home the process whereby companies profit from manufacturing drugs that are ~right of patent and should, therefore, exist cheap and freely available.There is competition in quest of many of these drugs which has helped withdraw from keep clear of the worst excesses but there are other individuals who be under the necessity ramped the prices of treatments on account of rarer conditions by tens of thousands of percentage Read more [...]

It’s Been a Privilege

It should be obvious to me, but I’m eternally surprised at idiocy thousands of miles gone. I shouldn’t be, because the masses exist everywhere on this spinning room rock, but I am; I imagine once you root yourself somewhere, it becomes consistent with nature to forget that there’s spaces and places where people congregate and live that aren’t exactly to which place you are.Putting my musings off, I came across this article space of time on Facebook. Perhaps it was fruitless hoping that someone, Read more [...]